Tracts for the Times

Remarks on Certain Passages in the Thirty-Nine Articles.

[Number 90]

by John Henry Newman


§ 1.—Holy Scripture and the Authority of the Church.
§ 2.—Justification by Faith only.
§ 3.—Works before and after Justification.
§ 4.—The Visible Church.
§ 5.—General Councils.
§ 6.—Purgatory, Pardons, Images, Relics, Invocation of Saints.
§ 7.—The Sacraments.
§ 8.—Transubstantiation.
§ 9.—Masses.
§ 10.—Marriage of Clergy.
§ 11.—The Homilies.
§ 12.—The Bishop of Rome.


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