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A Rationale upon the Book of Common Prayer
by Anthony Sparrow, D.D.

London, 1672.

A Short RATIONALE upon the Book of Common-Prayer.

THe COMMON-PRAYER-BOOK contains in it many holy Offices of the Church: As Prayers, Confession of Faith, holy Hymns, Divine Lessons, Priestly Absolutions and Benedictions: all which are Set and Prescribed, not left to private mens fancies to make or alter; so was it of old ordained CON. CARTHAG. Can. 106. It is ordained that the Prayers, Prefaces, Impositions of hands which are confirmed by the Synod, be observed and used by all men. These and no other. So is our English Can. 13. The COUNCIL of MILEVIS gives the reason of this Constitution, Can. 12. [Lest through ignorance or carelesness, any thing contrary to the Faith should be vented or uttered before God, or offered up to him in the Church.]

And as these Offices are set and prescribed, so are they moreover appointed to be one and the same throughout the whole National Church. So was it of old ordained, CON. TOLETAN. 11. c. 3. [That all Governours of Churches and their people should observe one and the same rite and order of service, which they knew to be appointed in the Metropolitan See.] The same is ordered CON. BRACCAR. 1. Can. 19. and Tolet. 4. c. 2. It is appointed that one and the same order of praying and singing, be observed by us all, and that there should not be variety of usages by them that are bound to the same Faith, and live in the same Dominion. This for Conformities sake, that according to divine Canon Rom. 15. 6. We may with one mind and one mouth glorifie God.

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