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 The Conversations at Malines

 Les Conversations de Malines


London/Londres: Humphrey Milford, 1927.


This and the foregoing account of the four Conversations held at Malines were drawn up independently by the Roman Catholics and the Anglicans; but at a fifth meeting held on October 11 and 12, 1926, each of them was read, discussed, and amended by both parties acting in collaboration. Each side is responsible only for its own account; but each has had the advantage of the criticism of the other.

It is probably a gain that the two accounts have followed different methods of treatment, and have reviewed the proceedings from different standpoints. The result, it may be hoped, will be that the reader will obtain a fuller appreciation of what took place than would have otherwise been possible; and at the same time will not fail to perceive the large measure of convergence which underlies both the documents.

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