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 The Conversations at Malines

 Les Conversations de Malines


London/Londres: Humphrey Milford, 1927.


List of Documents submitted at the Conversations.

FIRST CONFERENCE, December 1921.

(1) Memorandum on the constitution of the Church and the nature of the Sacraments, as indicated by the Anglican formularies. By the Right Hon. Viscount Halifax.

(2) Part of the Appeal to all Christian people put out by the Lambeth Conference, 1920.

(3) Minutes of the Conference of 6th-8th December 1921.


(4) Anglican Memorandum on questions of administration.

(5) Minutes of the Conference of 14th-16th March 1923: with statements in French and English.

THIRD CONFERENCE, November 1923.

(6) The position of St. Peter in the Primitive Church: a summary of the New Testament evidence. By the Very Reverend Joseph Armitage Robinson, D.D., Dean of Wells.

(7) La position de Saint Pierre dans l'Église primitive. Par Mgr. Pierre Batiffol, Chanoine de Notre-Dame, Paris.

(8) The Petrine Texts, as employed to A.D. 461. By the Reverend Canon B. J. Kidd, D.D., Warden of Keble College, Oxford.

(9) Le Siège de Rome et Saint Pierre. Par Mgr. Batiffol.

(10) To what extent was the papal authority repudiated at the Reformation in England? By Dr. Kidd.

(11) Minutes of the Conference of the 7th-8th November 1923.


(12) L'épiscopat et la papauté au point de vue théologique. Par Mgr. van Roey, Vicar-General of Malines.

(13) Memorandum in reply to Mgr. van Roey. By Dr. Kidd.

(14) Rapports du Pape et des évêques, considérés du point de vue historique. Par M. l'abbé Hippolyte Hemmer, Curé de la Sainte-Trinité, Paris.

(15) 'Concedit [Cyprianus] salvo iure communiants .... diversum sentire' (St. Augustine). By the Right Reverend Charles Gore, D.D., formerly Bishop of Oxford.

(16) Réponse à Dr. Gore. Par Mgr. Batiffol.

(17) Minutes of the Conference of 19th-20th May 1925.

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