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Julian Joseph Overbeck


S. Ephraemi Syri, Rabulae episcopi Edesseni, Balaei aliorumque opera selecta e codicibus Syriacis manuscriptis in Museo Britannico et Bibliotheca Bodleiana asservatis primus ed. J. Josephus Overbeck.
Oxonii: E typographeo Clarendoniano, 1865.

Catholic Orthodoxy and Anglo-Catholicism: A Word about Intercommunion between the English and the Orthodox Churches
London: Trübner, 1866.

Die Wiedervereinigung der morgen- und abendländischen Kirche ein Rückblick auf den Müchener Altkatholiken-Congress, und ein Vorblick auf die zu lösende Aufgabe offener Brief an den Grafen Dmitry Tolstoy
Halle: H.W. Schmidt, 1873.

Die Bonner Unions-Conferenzen, oder Altkatholicismus und Anglikanismus in ihrem Verhältniss zur Orthodoxie. Eine Appellation an die Patriarchen und Heiligen Synoden der orthodoxkatholischen Kirche.
Halle: 1876.

A Plain View of the Claims of the Orthodox Catholic Church as opposed to all other Christian Denominations.
London: Trübner, 1881.

Orthodox Confession of the Catholic and Apostolic Eastern Church from the version of Peter Mogila faithfully translated into English; edited with preface by J.J. Overbeck and with Introductory Notice by J.N.W.B. Robertson.
London: Thomas Baker, 1898.

The Western Rite and the Eastern Church: Dr. J. J. Overbeck and His Scheme for the Re-Establishment of the Orthodox Church in the West
By David F. Abramtsov
Submitted to the Graduate Faculty in the Division of the Social Sciences in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements For the Degree of Master of
Arts. University of Pittsburgh, 1961.

Westliche Orthodoxie. Leben und Ziele Julian Joseph Overbecks.
By Wilhelm Kahle
Leiden: E.J. Brill, 1968.

The Western Rite in Orthodoxy: Union and Reunion Schemes of Western and Eastern Churches with Eastern Orthodoxy: A Brief Historical outline /
By Gunter H. Thomann.
Claremont, CA: Anglican Theological Seminary in California, 1995.

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