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Eirenikon from the Oecumenical Patriarch to the Archbishop Of Canterbury.

The Christian East, September, 1925, pp. 114-116.

WE append the Eirenikon the Oecumenical Patriarch addressed to the Archbishop of Canterbury, notifying his Enthronisation, and also His Grace's reply:--

To the Most Reverend Archbishop of Canterbury and Primate of all England, very dear to us and beloved brother in Christ the Son of God, Mgr. Randall; grace and peace from God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ be with your Lordship.

We have much pleasure, by this brotherly letter as well, in communicating to your revered Grace and to the venerable Anglican Church the news of our canonical election, just accomplished by the Will of God, and subsequent accession to the All Holy Patriarchal and Oecumenical Throne of Constantinople in succession to our most Holy and most Revered predecessor Mgr. Constantine.

Attaching all the due significance and importance to the cordial relations, which, by the blessing of God, and especially during the tenure of office of your revered Grace, have been so happily established between our own and the Anglican Churches, we are much delighted in making to your beloved Grace the assurance that in carrying out, on this sorely afflicted All Holy Throne, the heavy task which, yielding to common requests, we have undertaken in our weakness, and for which we call upon your brotherly prayers to our Lord, we will never fail, to the best of our ability, to assist as far as in us lies and do what is necessary to consolidate and promote more and more these sacred ties of love in Christ, which, while so creditable to both of our Churches, are at the same time so significant and so auspicious for the whole work of the longed-for "rapprochement" and blessed reunion of all Christian Churches.

We have also much pleasure in announcing to your Grace that, by decision both of ourselves and of our Holy Synod, the charge accorded to our Most Reverend Metropolitan of Thyateira and Exarch of Western and Northern Europe, Mgr. Germanos, to act as our own accredited representative, and representative of our Church, with your Grace, remains valid and standing also in future; we beg, therefore, that he may continue to be invested with the same love and confidence, as hitherto, by your revered Grace.

In conclusion, offering up devout prayers to the Most High that He may always bestow His gifts richly upon the venerable Anglican Church, which, so fervently cherishing Christian love, so fondly abiding by it, and, animated with godly zeal, is doing so much for the work of Christ; at the same time wishing your revered Grace health, longevity and strength from on high in your honourable and distinguished activity in our Lord's vineyard, and returning heartfelt thanks for the fraternal compliments and wishes which your Grace was good enough to extend to us in your congratulatory telegram, we embrace you in a Holy kiss and remain with love and high esteem,

Your revered Grace's dear Brother in Christ,


22nd July, 1925.

To His All Holiness the Patriarch of the Oecumenical Throne of Constantinople, grace and peace from God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.

It is with great satisfaction that I have to-day had the honour of receiving by the hands of our brother and friend Monsignor Germanos the letter from Your All Holiness announcing your election to the Patriarchal Throne, about which I had already communicated by telegram with Your All Holiness.

It is to me a matter of great thankfulness that the great office of the Patriarchate should now be held by one who possesses the learning and experience which characterise Your Holiness, and gives us increased assurance of the friendly relations which we hope by the Grace of God to establish with more and more firmness and hope between the Orthodox Church in the East and the Anglican Church in England and America and throughout the world. The visit which has been paid to England by our brothers, the Patriarch Photios of Alexandria and the Patriarch Damianos of Jerusalem, have excited wide interest in this country, and will serve, I hope, to the promotion of goodwill in the highest and deepest sense.

It is to me a very real satisfaction that Monsignor Germanos, Metropolitan of Thyateira and Exarch of Western and Northern Europe, should continue to hold under Your All Holiness the representative character which was given to him by your predecessors in the Phanar.

I join with Your All Holiness in devout prayers to the Most High that your Church and our own may go forward together under the benediction of the Lord Himself, and that we may be enabled to set forward year by year the advance of the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I have the honour to remain your faithful brother and servant in Christ,


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