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Copy of the Probate of the Will of Bishop Patteson

Transcribed by Bishop Terry Brown from a copy in the Anglican Church of Melanesia Archives, Honiara, Solomon Islands, 20 January 2010.


In the Supreme Court of New Zealand Northern District Province of Auckland

To Benjamin Thornton Dudley of Auckland in the Colony of New Zealand Clerk in Holy Orders
Henry Scott McKellar of Auckland aforesaid Collector of Customs and John Channing Buckland of Remuera near Auckland aforesaid Esquire

Whereas John Coleridge Patteson lately departed this life leaving a Will which has been duly proved in this Court
And whereas no Executor is named in that Will you are therefore fully empowered and authorised by these presents to administer the Estate and effects of the said deceased and to demand and recover whatever debts belong to his Estate and pay whatever debts the said deceased did owe and also the legacies contained in the said Will so far as such Estate and effects shall extend you having been already sworn well and faithfully to administer the same and also ordered to exhibit a true and perfect Inventory of all the Estate and effects unto this Court on or before the sixteenth day of August next and also to file a true Account of your administration thereof on or before the sixteenth day of February one thousand eight hundred and seventy three
And you are therefore by these presents constituted administrators with the Will annexed of all the Estate and effects of the said deceased.

Given under the seal of the said Court this nineteenth day of March one thousand eight hundred and seventy two.

(sd) L. O'Brien.

I hereby certify the above written copy Probate to be a true copy.

Alfred H. King
Deputy Registrar
Supreme Court


In the Supreme Court of New Zealand
Northern District

In the matter of the Deeds Registration Act 1868 and in the matter of the Will of the late John Coleridge Patteson.

Tuesday the Seventeenth day of March A.D. 1874

Upon reading the affidavit of Thomas Buddle sworn and filed herein and upon hearing Mr. Buddle I do order and authorize that the written copy of the Will of the late John Coleridge Patteson may be registered, instead of the original Will which cannot be produced for the purpose of registration.

Geroge Alfred Arney


This is the last Will and Testament of me John Coleridge Patteson, D.D. Fellow of Merton College, Oxford, Missionary Bishop among the Islands of the Western Pacific, made this twenty second day of June in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and sixty nine.

First, I revoke all former Wills and testamentary papers.

I direct that all my just debts, my funeral and testamentary expenses be paid out of my Property.

I give and bequeath to the Trustees for the time being of the property belonging to the Melanesian Mission in Norfolk Island and their heirs Sections Nos. 133 and 144 granted to me in Trust for the Melanesian Mission to be holden by them upon and for the same Trust and Purposes upon and for which they are now holden by me.

I give and bequest all my property Real and Personal to the Trustees appointed by the authority of the General Synod for the time being of the lands comprised in the General Mission Trust Deed upon and the Trusts Intents and purposes in the said Deed declared

Subject nevertheless to these Provisions

That all my Personal Property at Norfolk Island, Plate, Books, Pictures, Chronometer to be left in the charge of the Trustees for the time being of the Melanesian Mission Property in Norfolk Island for the use of the Mission.

In witness whereof I subscribe my name to this my last Will and Testament, the day and year above written (June 22nd 1869)

J.C. Patteson Missn. Bp.

Signed and published as his last Will and Testament by the said John Coleridge Patteson in the presence of us present at the same time who in his presence and at his request have hereunto subscribed our names as Witnesses.

Robert Henry Codrington M.A.
Clerk Fellow of Wadham College Oxford

Charles Hyde Brooke
Clerk   Melanesian Mission

A sum of £250 is to be paid to the Revd. G.H. Nobbs (or his representatives). Mr. Nobbs requested me to invest this sum for him some two or three years ago. I did not like the responsibility of doing so as the state of New Zealand made all investments precarious. I therefore bound myself to pay him 10 per cent for the money annually in October, and to pay the capital sum when required.

J.C. Patteson
June 22 1869

All my property is administered by Messrs. Outhwaite and Quintall, Victoria Chambers, Auckland.

I request the Rev. R.H. Codrington (or any member of the Mission) to take the trouble of sending my watch, seals, chains, lockets, silver Inkstand, Dark wood Envelope Case, Silver Tea Pot, cream jug, and small mug, 2 spoons and fork (shell-Pattern), tooth pick case, and pictures of my father and mother (over my Standing Desk) to England.

Also to look through my Bibles, P.Books and Books of Prayer, and send home those marked "Home", and send those marked with the name of any person to England or N.Zd. as the case may be.

I beg the members of the Mission to divide among themselves as they please any personal property at Norfolk Id, Horses, Books not suitable for the Public Library etc.

J.C. Patteson

I hereby certify the above written Copy Will to be a true copy.

Alfd. H. King,
Deputy Registrar,
Supreme Court,

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