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Document Transferring Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction over Norfolk Island from the Diocese of Melanesia to the Diocese of Sydney, 5 August 1938.

Transcribed by the Right Reverend Dr. Terry Brown
Retired Bishop of Malaita, Anglican Church of Melanesia


WHEREAS Episcopal Jurisdiction over Norfolk Island was assigned to the Bishop of Australia in 1836, to the Bishop of New Zealand in 1841, and shortly afterwards to the Bishop of Melanesia AND WHEREAS in the year one thousand nine hundred and thirty-seven the General Synod of the Province of New Zealand authorized the Primate of New Zealand to take the necessary steps for the transfer of the Ecclesiastical control of Norfolk Island at that time included in the Diocese of Melanesia to the Diocese of Sydney AND WHEREAS it was agreed by the said General Synod of the Province of New Zealand that in the event of the ecclesiastical control of Norfolk Island being transferred to the Diocese of Sydney the Melanesian Trust Board be and was thereby authorized to transfer properties belonging to the Mission situate in Norfolk Island to the Authorities of the Diocese of Sydney AND WHEREAS the Right Reverend WALTER, LORD BISHOP OF MELANESIA hath agreed for himself and his Successors BISHOPS OF MELANESIA to surrender to the Most Reverend HOWARD MOWLL, LORD ARCHBISHOP OF SYDNEY and his Successors ARCHBISHOPS OF SYDNEY, successors to the Bishop of Australia, all ecclesiastical Jurisdiction in and over the said Norfolk Island and the Most Reverend HOWARD MOWLL hath agreed to accept such Jurisdiction NOW THEREFORE KNOW YE that WE, WALTER, BISHOP OF MELANESIA hereby confirm for Ourself and our successors the surrender of Episcopal Jurisdiction in Norfolk Island and WE, HOWARD, ARCHBISHOP OF SYDNEY hereby confirm for Ourself and our Successors our acceptance of the same.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF we have set our hands this Fifth day of August in the year of Our Lord on thousand nine hundred and thirty-eight.

Signature of the Archbishop of Sydney [signed] Howard Sydney

Witness [signed] R.B. Robinson

Signature of the Bishop of Melanesia [signed] +Walter Melanesia

Witness [signed] Alfred Noy Peel


the day and year written within. By me,

[signed] S.M. Johnstone

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