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Robert Henry Codrington


Published Books, Articles and Letters by Codrington

Lecture on the Melanesian Mission ["delivered at Nelson, September 25, 1863"]
[Torquay., n.d]. [Published with the "Report and Accounts of the Mission by Bishop J.C. Patteson]

Letters with extracts from the Bishop of Litchfield's sermon. [Eton]: Williams and Son, Eton College Press, [1870]. [Contains letters from Codrington.]

"Religious Beliefs and Practices in Melanesia", Journal of the Anthropological Institute, X (1880-81), 261-316.

On the Languages of Melanesia.
London: Harrison and Sons, 1884. Reprinted from the Journal of the Anthropological Institute, August, 1884.

The Melanesian Languages.
Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1885. Reprinted, Boston: Elibron Classics, 2001. [External link]

[Letter in Mota to St. Barnabas School, Norfolk Island, dated New York, August 17, 1887, recounting visit to U.S.A.]
[Norfolk Island: Melanesian Mission Press: 1887 or 1888.]

The Melanesians: Studies in their Anthropology and Folk-lore.
Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1891. Reprinted, New York: Dover Publications, 1972; reprinted Boston: Elibron Classics, 2002.. [External link]

Notes on the Traditional Connexion of the Sussex and the Gloucester Families of Selwyn
From Sussex Archaeological Collections relating to the History and Antiquities of the County, published by the Sussex Archaeological Society, Vol. XXXVIII, Lewes: Farncombe & Co., Printers, 1892.

O vavae vatogo. Ape vasasa nan. Lessons on the Miracles of Our Lord.
Norfolk Island: Melanesian Mission Press, 1894. Second Edition, Norfolk Island: Melanesian Mission Press, 1914.

The Official Report of the Missionary Conference of the Anglican Communion 1894.
Edited by George A. Spottiswoode.
London, 1894, pages. 112-116.

Various Forms of Paganism

(with J. Palmer) A Dictionary of the Language of Mota, Sugarloaf Island, Banks' Islands: With a short grammar and index.
London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1896. [External link]

"[A] defence of a translation used in the old Florida prayer book," Letter to the Editor, Occasional Paper of the Melanesian Mission. Edited by J. R. Selwyn. Ludlow: C.A. Partridge, Printer, Christmas, 1896, page 27. [Criticism of a joke made by H.H. Montgomery in Light of Melanesia about a supposed mistranslation in the Gela Prayer Book.]

Ancient Coats of Arms in Chichester Cathedral
From Sussex Archaeological Collections relating to the History and Antiquities of the County, published by the Sussex Archaeological Society, Vol. XLVIII, Lewes: Farncombe & Co., Printers, 1905.

Entries on "John Coleridge Patteson" [pages 450-451] and "George Augustus Selwyn" [pages 550-551] in S.L. Ollard and Gordon Crosse, eds., A Dictionary of English Church History, London: A.R. Mowbray and Co., Ltd. 1912.

Entry on "Melanesians", Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics.
Edited by James Hastings.
Edinburgh: T. & T. Clark, 1915. Vol. VIII, pages 528-38.

O vavae vatogo ape vavae tenegag nan. Notes on the Parables in the Mota Language.
Norfolk Island: Melanesian Mission Press, 1915. Third edition, Maravovo [Guadalcanal]: Melanesian Mission Press, 1933.

Unpublished Lectures, Letters and Journals by Codrington.

"Journals and Letters, 1867-1882", Canberra: Australia Joint Copy Project. Microfilm of a volume in possession of Melanesian Mission (England) entitled "Uncle Roberts' Letters", containing RHC letters to his brother Tom, 1867-82, and three journals written on Norfolk Island, 1872-75.

"Social Regulations in Melanesia", lecture delivered to British Association, Bath, 1888.

"The Gospel as Presented to Savage Peoples", Wittering Lectures, Chichester, 1902. R.H. Codrington Papers, Box 30, Rhodes House Library, Oxford.

Published Translations by Codrington.

(with [John] Palmer) O vatavata we tuai. Old Testament Selections in Mota.
Norfolk Island: Melanesian Mission Press, 1873.

(with [John] Palmer) O Vatavata we tuai o tuam vavae mora prophet nan. Selections from the Old Testament Prophets.
Norfolk Island: Melanesian Mission Press, 1875.

O vatavata we garaqa. O tuan raverave mora sala. [New Testament Selections in Mota].
St. Barnabas [Norfolk Island: Melanesian Mission Press], 1877.

Story of a Melanesian Deacon: Clement Marau, written by himself.
London: Society for the Promoting of Christian Knowledge, 1894. Reprinted 1906.

O raverave nan we rono, talo vatavata we tuai wa we garaqa me sargag tuwale nol: o vava ta Mota. The Bible in the Mota Language.
London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1912. [Primary translator]

Published Books, and Articles about Codrington.

Review of The Melanesians. "Books of the Week", Times, July 10, 1891, page 3.

"Apostle of Melanesia: Death of Dr. Codrington" ["From a Correspondent"]. Times, September 13, 1922, page 13. [Obituary] Reprinted in Church Chronicle, December 1922, page 200.

"'Apostle of Melanesia': Mr. Frederic Harrison's Tribute." Times, September 15, 1922, page. 13. [Obituary]

Obituary, Guardian, September 15, 1922.

Obituary, Church Standard, September 29, 1922.

Obituary, Southern Cross Log, London, October 1922, pages 114-22.

Obituary, Church Gazette, October 1922, page 162 and November 1922, page 195.

Ray, S.H. "Obituary, Robert Henry Codrington", Man, XXII (1922), 169-71.

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[New York]: Macmillan, 1968 onwards.

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New York, 1987. Vol. III, page 558.

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