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In the Isles of the Sea: The Story of Fifty Years in Melanesia

By Frances Awdry

London: Bemrose & Sons, Limited, 1902.



The Right Rev. CECIL. WILSON, M.A., Jesus College, Cambridge; Consecrated S. Barnabas' Day, 1894.


The Ven. Richard Blundell Comins, L.T., Dunelm; Northern Melanesia, Joined Mission, 1876

European priests: [date indicates year that person Joined Mission]

Thomas Cartwright Cullwick; Banks Islands 1886
Henry Welchman, M.R.C.S. (Eng.); Bugotu 1888
Leonard Philip Robin, Hert. Coll., Oxon (Organising Sec. in England) 1888
Robert Paley Wilson, M.A., Emman. Coll., Cam.; S. Cristoval 1895
Percy Temple Williams, M.A" Jesus Coll., Cam.; Guadalcanar 1895
Walter George Ivens, M.A., N.Z. Univ.; Mala and Ulawa 1895
William Chamberlin O'Ferrall, Trinity Coll., Melb. Santa Cruz 1897
William Edgell, S. Augustine's Coll., New Hebrides 1895
Hedley Vicars Adams; Banks Islands 1899
Arthur Innes Hopkins, M.A., St. Cath. Coll., Camb.; Florida 1900
Charles Christopher Goddern, University of Sidney 1900
Cyril George Dennis Browne, London Coll. of Divinity; Opa 1902
John Manwaring Steward, B.A., Magd. Coll., Oxon 1902

Melanesian priests:

Alfred Lobu, D. 1883, P. 1900; Florida. William Vaget, D. 1892, P. 1892; Merelava.

European Deacon:

Hubert J. Nind, D. 1901, Santa Cruz, 1899.

Melanesian Deacons:

Robert Pantuton, D. 1872; Mota .
Walter Woser, D. 1886; Motalava.
Clement Marau, D. 1890; Ulawa,
Reuben Bula, 1891; Florida.
Hugo Goravaka, D. 1894; Guadalcanar
Simon Qalges, D. 1896; Torres Islands.
Joseph Watè, D. 1897; Mala.
Rowoluwe, D. 1901; Motalava.

European Lay Workers:

Laymen--T. A. Williams, 1898; C. Webb, 1901; Arthur Coles, 1901; C. Fox, 1901; C. Coates, 1901.

Ladies--Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Comins, Mrs. Cullwick; Mrs. O'Ferrall, Mrs. Ivens, Sister Kate, Miss Ardill, Miss Hurse.

Melanesian Lay Workers:

480 Teachers 200 Schools.

Prayer for the Melanesian Mission.

ALMIGHTY GOD, for whom the Isles do wait, send down Thy blessing on the Bishop and Clergy of the Melanesian Mission and to all who teach or are taught in its Schools, that they may set forth Thy Name upon earth, Thy saving health among their people. Comfort them, O Lord, in every sorrow, protect them in every danger, strengthen them in every temptation, and give them such a sure trust and confidence in Thee that they may serve Thee without fear.

O Lord of the Harvest send forth Thy labourers into Thine Harvest. Guide by Thy Holy Spirit those who are fitted for this work, that they may willingly offer themselves unto Thee--and by Thee may be enabled to set forth Thy glory, through Jesus Chris, our Lord, AMEN.

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