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Sermons on Passages from the Prophets
by the Rev. John Mason Neale

London: J.T. Hayes, 1877.

Sermon I. Third Sunday in Advent, 1860. Pleasant Pictures. Isaiah ii. 12.

Sermon II. Second Sunday after Easter. Then shall they Fast. Isaiah ii. 22.

Sermon III. First Sunday in Advent, 1858. The Coal from the Altar. Isaiah vi. 6, 7.

Sermon IV. 1857. The Wells of Salvation. Isaiah xii. 3.

Sermon V. Advent. The Sending of the Lamb. Isaiah xvi. 1.

Sermon VI. Christmas Day, 1858. The Divine Sacrifice. Isaiah xvi. 1.

Sermon VII. Third Sunday in Advent, 1858. In Safeguard. Isiah xxv. 3, 4.

Sermon VIII. Advent, 1858. This Mountain. Isaiah xxv. 6-8.

Sermon IX. Fifth Sunday after Epiphany, 1865. Retreat. Isaiah xxvi. 20.

Sermon X. Second Sunday after Epiphany, 1864. Strength in Battle. Isaiah xxviii. 5,6.

Sermon XI. July 31, 1859. The Passage of the Grounded Staff. Isaiah xxx. 32.

Sermon XII. September, 1865. Eyesight. Isaiah xxxii. 3.

Sermon XIII. Fourth Sunday in Advent, 1857. Liberality I. Isaiah xxxii. 8.

Sermon XIV. Second Sunday in Advent, 1865. Liberality II. Isaiah xxxii. 8.

Sermon XV. Advent, 1857. Consolation and Exultation. Isaiah xxxiii. 16, 17.

Sermon XVI. Advent, 1857. Our All in All. Isaiah xxxiii. 22.

Sermon XVII. At a Celebration for a Sister Departed. August 30, 1860. Isaiah xxxviii. 16.

Sermon XVIII. Epiphany, 1865. The Treasures of Our King. Isaiah xxxix. 3, 4.

Sermon XIX. December 8th, 1864. Warfare Accomplished. Isaiah xl. 2.

Sermon XX. Fourth Sunday in Advent, 1857, being S. Thomas's Day. Isaiah xl. 10.

Sermon XXI. S. John Baptist, 1863. The Transfiguration of Toil. Isaiah xl. 10.

Sermon XXII. Seventh Sunday after Trinity, 1857. Impossibility Impossible. Isaiah xlii. 19.

Sermon XXIII. Fourth Sunday after Trinity, 1857. Despondency. Isaiah xlix. 4.

Sermon XXIV. Fourth Sunday after Trinity, 1857. Encouragement. Isaiah xlix. 4.

Sermon XXV. S. Stephen's Day, 1861. True Glory. Isaiah xlix. 5.

Sermon XXVI. Epiphany, 1865. Sunbeams. Isaiah lx. i.

Sermon XXVII. 1863. The Flight of the Doves. Isaiah lx. 8.

Sermon XXVIII. Feast of the Circumcision, 1858. An Acceptable Year. Isaiah lxi. 2.

Sermon XXIX. October, 1865. Fellowship in Suffering. Isaiah lxiii. 1-4.

Sermon XXX. New Year's Eve. As the Days of a Tree. Isaiah lxv. 22.

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