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Tales Illustrative of the Apostles' Creed, by John Mason Neale

London: Masters, 1885.


THE authority for the first of the following stories is to be found in the various little Dutch His-tories of the French atrocities in the Invasion by Louis XIV.;--histories at one time taught in the National Schools, in order to keep up popular feeling against the French.

For the second, the ordinary Church Histories of Japan; a similar occurrence is said to have happened within the present century in the Tahiti group of islands.

The third was told me, as I have there said, on one of the green cliffs of the Isle of Moen; but the like tale is related of one of the Skye fowlers.

The fourth was related to me, in its main fea-tures, by the grandson of one of the priests who had suffered in the persecution of the Culloden.

The fifth was circumstantially narrated in the newspapers of the time.

The sixth is told in the usual Church Histories of Japan.

The seventh is taken from a little volume called Récit des Inondations en France pendant les mois de Mai et Juin, 1856. Par Ch. Stephen.

The eighth was related to me within sight of the Mont de S. Michel, within the ruins of Espailly, near Le Puy.

The ninth, besides the ordinary Portuguese Histories, is taken from the Agiologio Lusitano of George Cardoso: Vol. II. p. 610.

The tenth I read, as there stated, in one of the "good books" for Bretagne children, in the old town of S. Pol de Laon.

The twelfth is told in the Life of Monsieur Peillon, a pamphlet published at Clermont.

The thirteenth happened more than once, as to its main facts; this particular instance is re-lated in some of the Menologies.

The fourteenth is told in the Lettres édifiantes et curieuses, Vol. X. p. 98.

The fifteenth is in the Acta Sanctorum under May 16th.

Advent, 1857.

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