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Sermons on the Black Letter Days
Or Minor Festivals of the Church of England
by John Mason Neale

London: Joseph Masters, 1872. Third edition.


THE following "Readings" were, like those in the First Series, written for a congregation consisting, for the most part, of aged persons; and with a special view to their requirements. Their aim has been to choose on each day the lesson most suitable for that particular class; a class for whom so little has as yet been published.

It is proper to observe that the XIII., XIV., XVIII., and XXIV., are very much indebted to the sermons of the great Portuguese divine, Antonio Vieyra; that the XV. is mainly from S. Augustine; that the XXIII. is prinipally taken from a meditation of Henry Herph, "the third from à Kempis," on the same text; and that the XXXIII. is from the VII. of S. Hildebert's Sermons for Lent.

Rogation Sunday, 1854.

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