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 Doctor Tucker, Priest-Musician:
A Sketch which Concerns the Doings and Thinkings of
the Rev. John Ireland Tucker, S.T.D.
Including a Brief Converse about the Rise and Progress of Church Music in America.


By Christopher W. Knauff, M.A.


New York: A.D.F. Randolph, 1897.


Dedicated to the Guilds of the Holy Cross of Troy, New York
under whose auspices this book is issued.


Chapter I. Forefathers
Chapter II. The Boy at School
Chapter III. College Days--Preparations for a Tour
Chapter IV. The First Journal of Travel
Chapter V. Society--Vocation
Chapter VI. The Beginnings at Troy
Chapter VII. The Deacon in Charge
Chapter VIII. The Choral Service
Chapter IX. Consecration--The Ordering of Priests
Chapter X. The Second Journal
Chapter XI. The Boys' School
Chapter XII. The Later Fifties
Chapter XIII. Bishop Potter's Reminscence--Election of the First Bishop of Albany
Chapter XIV. Shall it be Lowell Mason or Dr. Dykes?
Chapter XV. The Middle Age
Chapter XVI. The Last Hymnal
Chapter XVII. The Jubilee
Chapter XVIII. A Glance Backward
Chapter XIX. The End which is the Beginning
Chapter XX. Afterward

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