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Missions to Seamen

A Plea for Seamen: A Sermon Preached on the Occasion of a Collection in Aid of the Funds of the Seamen's Union Bethel Society, in St. Peter's Church, Baltimore on the Evening of the 19th February, 1826.
By J. P. K. Henshaw.
Baltimore: William Wooddy, 1826.

The Free Church of St. Mary, for Sailors. Rev John P. Johnson, Rector. Incorporated in Conformity with the Canon and Statute Law of the Diocese and Commonwealth of Massachusetts, November 17, 1851.
Boston: Turston, Torry & Emerson, 1852.

Reply of the Free Church of St. Mary, for Sailors, Boston, (by Their Committee,) to Various Calumnious Charges against Their Rector, Rev. John P. Robinson, and a Full Refutation of the Same.
Boston: Printed by Learned, Tompson & Co., 1852.

The Seaman, His Position and Relations: A Sermon, in Behalf of the Protestant Episcopal Mission to Seamen, Preached in St. Paul's and Christ Churches, Boston, February 5, and 12, 1854.
By George Dudley Wildes.
Boston: Offices of the Witness and Advocate, 1854.

Church Work amongst Sailors in 64 Home Ports, as Set Forth by the Lower House of the Convocation of Canterbury, and adopted by It February 15th, 1875.
By E. Nottingham.
London: W. Wells Gardner, [1878]

For Justice and Protection to Sailors: An Address Delivered at a Meeting Held at Sherry's New York, March 21st, 1902.
By J. Augustus Johnson.
New York: Protestant Episcopal Church Missionary Society for Seamen in the City and Port of New York, 1902.

Eighteenth Annual Report of the Honolulu Seamen's Institute.
Honolulu: Honolulu Seamen's Institute, 1921.

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