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The Open Road in Persia

By the Rev. J. R. Richards
C.M.S. Missionary at Shiraz

London: Church Missionary Society, 1933.


PERSIA is at the cross roads. Islam cannot help her; Baha'ism has nothing to offer her. Christ or materialism--that is the choice that lies before her. Which road will she take?

Something of Persia's past can be learnt from the Bible. Judaism owed a debt to Persia; was it not Cyrus, "God's anointed," who put an end to the exile of the Jew in Babylon and restored the Temple vessels to Jerusalem? Medes and Parthians were present at Pentecost; were they responsible for the coming of Christianity into Persia? We know that the Christian Church in Persia was a missionary Church which carried the Gospel not only to India, but even to distant China.

Christ needs Persia, and Persia needs Christ. Who can tell to what heights this nation with a glorious past may rise if Christ be in control? Who can tell what victories may be won for Christ if Persia gives her heart to Him? To the north is Bolshevik Russia--a godless land; to the east is Afghanistan--a land hitherto closed to the Gospel of Christ; to the west are Arab nations--fanatically Moslem; to the north-west is the new Turkey--still nominally Moslem; can you imagine the possibilities open to a Christian Persia?
Great things are possible from small beginnings. This is a story of small beginnings; do not despise them, do not be indifferent to them; they contain great possibilities.

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