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A Merry Mountaineer
The Story of Clifford Harris of Persia

By R. W. Howard

London: Church Missionary Society, 1931.

Clifford Harris at King's College, at the age of twenty-one, just before he sailed for Persia.

Stuart Memorial College, Isfahan--the Christian Hostel

The Staff at the Stuart Memorial College in 1929.
Reading from left to right: Back row.--C.L. Hawker, Clifford Harris, Skipworth Harris, P. Gaussen, J. Sleath.
Centre row--Mr. Marcarian, Agha Roshan, Mirza Mehdi, Mirza Nasrullah, Agha Hassan, Steward.
From row.--Mirza Ahmed Agha, Miss W.H. Tweedie, Mrs. Thompson, the Rev. W. J. Thompson, Mirza David Arian, Rahnema.

Clifford taking physical training at the S.M.C.
The prominent peak in the background is Kuh-i-Sufi.

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