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Library of Anglo-Catholic Theology

The Works of the Right Reverend Father in God, John Cosin, Lord Bishop of Durham. Now First Collected.
Volume the Fourth: Miscellaneous Works
Oxford: John Henry Parker.


1. Historia Transubstantionis Papalis

2. Luke de Beaulieu’s translation of the History of Transubstantiation.

3. On the validity of the ordination of Priests in the Church of England.

a. Letter to Dr. Morley
b. Form of ordaining Priests in the Church of England
c. Form in the Roman Church
d. Occasion of the controversy
e. First letter to prior Robinson
f. Second Letter
g. Second Letter, as re-written, and sent to the Prior upon receipt of his reply to the first letter
h. View of F. P.’s Answer to the first paper

4. Letters about communicating in one kind.

a. Letter from a Roman Catholic to a lady of the English Communion
b. Cosin’s Answer to this letter

5. Letter to the Countess of Peterborough concerning agreements and differences in the chief points of religion betwixt the Church of Rome and the Church of England

6. The State of us who adhere to the Church of England

7. Regni Angliae Religio Catholic, &c.

8. Paper touching the Supremacy, and Head of the Church

9. Papers concerning the collation of Bishops.

a. Letter from Hyde to Cosin
b. Cosin’s reply to Hyde
c. Form of Collation

10. Articles and Injunctions.

a. Articles of Inquiry exhibited to the ninth Prebendary
b. Injunctiones et Monita, &c.

11. Queries to the Clergy of the Diocese of Durham

12. Letters to Dr. Watson.

a. First Letter
b. Second Letter

13. Answer to Fuller

a. Fuller’s charge
b. Cosin’s answer

14. Letter to Mr. Cordel

15. Correspondence with Gunning.

a. Letter from Gunning to Cosin
b. Cosin’s first Letter to Gunning
c. — second Letter
d. — third Letter
e. — fourth Letter

16. Letter to Dr. Collins

17. Letter to Mr. Wood

18. Letter to Hyde

19. Account of Conference with the Archbishop of Trapezond

20. Account of Conference between Spalato and Overall

21. Letter to Bishop Morton

22. Memorial against the Council of Lateran

23. Letter to Blondel

24. Letter to Casaubon

25. Letter to Grotius

26. Argument on Dissolution of Marriage

27. Prayer to be used during the Plague

28. Visitation Articles, A.D. 1662

29. Confession of Faith, in Latin

30. Basire’s translation of the same

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