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Village Sermons on the Baptismal Service
by John Keble

Printed by the Devonport Society,
Sold by James Parker and Co., Oxford and Rivingtons, London, 1868.
xii + 310 pp.


The text is taken from the only known edition, printed in Plymouth by the Devonport Society and sold by both Parker and Rivingtons. (The Devonport Society was the women's religious community begun by Priscilla Lydia Sellon under Pusey's direction. In addition to their work among poor of Plymouth, the sisters of the Society were engaged in printing many of Pusey's works at their own press. Commercial publishers then undertook the marketing of the titles, as evidenced in this case by Parker and Rivingtons). The octavo volume is made up of xii and 310 pages; according to Falconer Madan's bibliography of the printed works of Pusey, just three thousand copies were printed.

Pusey clearly had access to Keble's MS., as the notes at the end of Sermons XXII. and XXIII. indicate. That document is now at Lambeth Palace Library, and this edition has not made reference to it.

Keble and Pusey both conformed erratically to current convention in the use of "their's," "our's" and "your's" where today's English omits the apostrophe. I have removed the apostrophe wherever it occurred lest the apparent mistake be laid at the feet of either man or a modern copy-editor. The only other emendations were the deletion of an unnecessarily repeated word in two instances, and the correction of one typographical error. All citations and other footnotes are mine unless otherwise noted.

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