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 The Red Indians of the Plains
Thirty Years' Missionary Experience in the Saskatchewan
by the Rev. John Hines

London: SPCK, 1919.
322 pp.




Chapter I. Why I became a Missionary

Chapter II. How I became a Missionary

Chapter III. The Journey out to Canada

Chapter IV. Seeking a Suitable Locality for the Mission Station

Chapter V. Settling at Sandy Lake

Chapter VI. The Cree Language, Customs, etc.

Chapter VII. Missionary Life at Sandy Lake (1) A Reminiscence of My Missionary Work

Chapter VIII. Missionary Life at Sandy Lake (continued)

Chapter IX. The Rebellion of 1885

Chapter X. Sandy Lake, 1886-1888

Chapter XI. The Pas (1)

Chapter XII. The Steam Launch

Chapter XIII. The Pas (2)

Chapter XIV. The Pas (3)

Chapter XV. Prince Albert


THE author of this book has been requested many times, by friends both in England and abroad, during the past twenty years to write a history of his missionary experiences; but whilst actively engaged in the work the necessary time for such an undertaking did not present itself; now, however, having been incapacitated by throat affection, rheumatism, and sundry other ailments from active service in the field, he has decided, by God's help, to write an autobiography, with the prayer that it may lead others, who feel called by the Spirit to serve the Master in the foreign field, to the realisation of their soul's desire!

Unfortunately, the author has left all his notes and records behind him in the land of his experiences, therefore, if any discrepancies appear in his book, he will be very pleased to have his attention drawn to them.

In conclusion, I desire to express my thanks to certain photographers in the city of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, and others for many of the photographs used in this book.

J. H.

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