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The Cambridge Mission to Delhi
A Brief History

By Lilian F. Henderson

Westminster: The Offices of the Mission, 1931.


Chapter I. The Cambridge Mission to Delhi: a brief survey.

Chapter II. Spreading the Kingdom

Chapter III. Building the Church


THIS little book gives in brief an account of the S.P.G. Mission to Delhi (1864), and its reinforcement by Cambridge (1877). It does not supersede the story of the Delhi Mission (S.P.G., 1908), it aims rather at combining a summary of that story with an account of the present state of the Mission in its manifold activities, evangelistic, educational, medical and social, and indeed there is need for some such fresh statement seeing that the position in that Mission, as everyone is aware, has greatly altered since 1908.

We owe the picture thus drawn to the kind skill of Miss Lilian Henderson, assisted for special departments of the work by the Rev. P. Hepburne Scott and Mr. George Winsor, and in the name of our Cambridge Committee I desire to acknowledge our sincere thanks to Miss Henderson for the time and care which she has given to the work. It is hoped that in this form the story will reach a wider circle of readers and spread further the knowledge of the Mission and deepen the interest taken in it. It can hardly fail to help those who read it to realize more fully and freshly the power of the Gospel to meet the varied needs of Indian life, and the strength which comes to those who, carrying with them all that Cambridge has given them, dedicate their gifts in the name of Christ to the service of their Indian fellow subjects.

R. St. John Parry,
Chairman of the Cambridge Committee.

August, 1931.

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