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The Eucharistic Life

The Substance of Addresses Given by Two Members of the Oxford Mission Brotherhood of the Epiphany, at the Students Conference of the Syrian Christian Church, Held at Kottayam, May 1st-5th, 1916

London, New York, Bombay, Calcutta and Madras: Longmans, Green and Co., 1918.

The Syrian Church of Malabar

Chapter I. The System of Worship Divinely Revealed

Chapter II. The Central Act of Worship

Chapter III. The Eucharist--The Presentation of Christ to God

Chapter IV. The Eucharist--The Presentation of Christ to Man

Chapter V. The Eucharistic Gift

Chapter VI. Why Christ Gives the Eucharistic Gift

Chapter VII. The Eucharistic Oblation of Christ with His Church

Chapter VIII. Oblation and Vocation


THE following lectures were given at the Students Conference of the Syrian Christian Church in Malabar in May 1916, and were printed in India. A few copies were sent to friends in England, with the result that we have been advised by those to whose advice we feel we ought to listen, to have them published in England. It has seemed best to publish them just as they were delivered, without eliminating the local colour; especially because the accounts which the members of the Brotherhood have written from time to time in the Oxford Mission Quarterly paper of their visits to Malabar have greatly interested very many of our friends and associates.

We feel it is of great importance to evoke as much interest as possible in this "Syrian" Church for the sake of India.

We subjoin, therefore, an account of our Superior's visit to the Syrian Church in 1915, which he wrote soon after he returned from it. It is only necessary to add to what he says, by way of preface to the lectures, that though their beautiful Liturgy has been, all along, the centre of the religious life of this Church, its members have not realized as they should the primary purpose of the Eucharist, i. e. that it is our Lord's means of feeding us regularly with the "Bread of Life." It was chiefly to remedy this defect in the teaching and practice of the Church that the lectures were delivered.

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