Project Canterbury

Five Years' Church Work in the Kingdom of Hawaii

By Thomas Nettleship Staley
Bishop of Honolulu

London, Oxford and Cambridge: Rivingtons, 1868.


NOTE 1, p. 100.

One of the rich pasture grasses is that known as the menenia, introduced from Asia. It runs along the ground, sending shoots into the soil, and covering the area on which it is planted with great rapidity. The wires which it forms by this horizontal growth are often four and five feet long. It makes a sweet and nutritious hay, and is cut, not with the scythe, but the sickle.


The shield, with its device, on the cover and title-page of this volume, is a copy of a very beautiful banner lately worked for the diocese of Honolulu, and presented by an English lady.

The S. Andrew's Cross refers to the fact of the Church at Honolulu being dedicated to S. Andrew, the King having deceased on the festival of that Apostle.

Above it is the Hawaiian Crown, the symbolism of the whole being indicated by the legend "He lanakila ma ke kea," "Victory by the Cross."

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