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William Wake


Archbishop Wake and the Project of Union (1717-1720) between the Gallican and Anglican Churches.
Joseph Hirst Lupton.
London: G. Bell, 1896. [External link]

The Primates of the Four Georges.
By Aldred Rowden.
London: Murray, 1916. [External link]

The Case of the Exiled Vaudois, and French Protestants, Stated and Their Relief Recommended to All Good Christians, Especially to those of the Reformed Religion.
London: Printed for R. Sare, 1699.

Sermon Preached before the King in St. James's Chapel, upon the First of August 1715 being the First Anniversary Return of His Majesty's Inauguration.
London: Printed for Richard Sare, 1715.

Missive in Support of Relief for the Episcopal Reformed Churches of Greater Poland and Polish Prussia.
London: no publisher, [1716]

Sermon Preached before the King in St. James's Chapel, upon the Thirtieth of January, 1715. Being the Day of the Martyrdom of King Charles I.
London: Printed for Richard Sare, 1716.

Vindication of the Realm, and Church of England, from the Charge of Perjury, Rebellion and Schism, unjustly laid upon them by the Non-jurors and the Rebellion and Schism shewn to lie at Their Own Doors.
London: Printed for J. Morphew, 1716.

Genuine Epistles of the Apostolical Fathers, St. Barnabas, St. Ignatius, St. Clement, St. Polycarp, Translated and published, with a Large Preliminary Discourse.
London: Printed for A. Bettesworth, C. Hitch, W. Innys, R. Manby, C. Davis and T. Longman, 1737.

Earnest Exhortation to a Holy Life and a Letter to a Young Lady on Preparation for Death.
Boston: Munroe and Francis, at the Shakespeare bookstore, 1813.

The Principles of the Christian Religion Explained, in a Brief Commentary upon the Church Catechism.
London: Printed for T. Cadell, 1827. [External link]

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