Project Canterbury

Reeds Shaken with the Wind.

The Second Cluster

By the Vicar of Morwenstow, Cornwall.

Derby: Henry Mozley and Sons, 1844.

Which Only, Hath Immortality!

Two Sunny Children wander'd, hand in hand,
By The blue Waves of far Gennesaret,
For there their Syrian Father drew the Net
With Multitudes of Fishes, to the Land!
One was The Twin! even He whose Blessed Name
Hath in Ten Thousand des this day, a Fame,
Thomas The Apostle--One of The Ethereal Band!
But He, His Hebrew Brother, who can trace
His Name--The City where He dwelt--His Place,
Or Grave? we know not--none may understand--
There were Two Brethren in the Field--The One,
Shall have no Memory underneath The Sun,
The Other shines, Beacon of many a Strand,
A Star upon The Brow of Night, here in the Rocky Land.

Project Canterbury