Project Canterbury

Reeds Shaken with the Wind.

The Second Cluster

By the Vicar of Morwenstow, Cornwall.

Derby: Henry Mozley and Sons, 1844.

The Wolf of Benjamin.

LONG centuries agone! This very Day,
In a far Wilderness of Syrian sand,
Urging his Steed amid an armed Band,
The Wolf of Benjamin was on the Prey!
But to! a light, a voice, a thrilling sound,--
And where was Saul of Tarsus? sternly bound,
A fetter'd Thrall, in darkness there he lay!
Shall he arise and conquer? can he toil,
Once more in War, and yet divide the Spoil?
For thus dim Jacob traced the Wanderer's way
Answer, proud Corinth--stern and stately Rome--
Soft Ephesus, and Thou! The populous home
Of many a city, Old Galatia, Say,
Did not The Warrior win and Wear a Conqueror's array?

The Festival of St. Paul, 1843.

Project Canterbury