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The Martyrs of Vienne and Lyons: A Prize Poem Recited in the Theatre, Oxford, June 28, 1854.
Oxford: Shrimpton, 1854.

S. George's Riots: a Plea for Justice and Toleration: A Letter to the Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone.
London: Joseph Masters, 1860.

Death, Judgment, Hell, and Heaven: Four Advent Sermons.
London: Joseph Masters, 1861.

Words from the Cross: Seven Sermons for Lent and Passion-tide.
Aberdeen: A. Brown, 1861.
London: Joseph Masters, 1861.

The Message of Reconciliation: Four Advent Sermons.
London: Joseph Masters, 1864.

Sermons on the Re-union of Christendom by members of the Roman Catholic, Oriental and Anglican Communions.
London: Printed for Certain Members of the Association for the Promotion of the Unity of Christendom by Joseph Masters, 1864.

Paraphrastica Expositio Articulorum Confessionis Anglicanae [The Articles of the Anglican Confession, Paraphrastically explained, and considered as to how far they can be reconciled with the True Faith] by Franciscus A Sancta Clara, S. T. P. (Dr. Christopher Davenport) Reprinted from the Edition in Latin of 1646
Edited by the Rev. Frederick George Lee, D. C. L.
London: John T. Hayes, 1865.

Sermons on the Re-union of Christendom.
London: Printed for certain members of the Association for the Promotion of the Unity of Christendom by Joseph Masters, 1864.

Morning and Evening Prayers Specially Intended for Children, together with Devotions for the Holy Sacrifice.
London: J.T. Hayes, 1866. [External link]

Essays on the Re-union of Christendom.
London: J.T. Hayes, 1867. [External link]

The Beauty of Holiness: Ten Lectures on External Religious Observances.
London: Palmer, 1869.

London: Rivingtons, 1869. [External link]

Validity of the Holy Orders of the Church of England Maintained and Vindicated both Theologically and Historically, with foot-notes, Tables of Consecrations, and Appendices.
London: J.T. Hayes, 1869.

Martyrs Omitted by Foxe, being Records of Religious Persecutions in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries Compiled by a Member of the English Church with a preface by Frederick George Lee.
London: J. Hodges, 1870.

The Christian Doctrine of Prayer for the Departed.
London: Strahan, 1872.

Rest in Death. A Funeral Sermon on the Decease of the Rev. John Purchas, M.A. of Christ's College, Cambridge; Minister of St. James' Chapel, Brighton.
Preached at All Saints', Lambeth, on Sunday October 27, 1872.
London: John Hodges, 1872.

Manuale Clericorum: A Guide for the Reverent and Decent Celebration of Divine Service, the Holy Sacraments and other Offices according to the Rites, Ceremonies and Ancient Use of the United Church of England and Ireland.
London: John Hogg, 1874. [External link]

The Bells of Botteville Tower: A Christmas Story in Verse, and other Poems.
Oxford: James Parker and Co., 1874.

Glimpses of the Supernatural, being Facts, Records and Traditions relating to Dreams, Omens, Miraculous Occurrences, Apparitions, Wraiths, Warnings, Second-sight, Witchcraft, Necromancy, etc.
New York: G.W. Carleton, 1875.

Memorials of the Late Rev. Robert Stephen Hawker, M. A., Sometime Vicar of Morwenstow, in the Diocese of Exeter.
London: Chatto and Windus, 1876. [External link]

Glossary of Liturgical and Ecclesiastical Terms.
London: B. Quaritch, 1877.

More Glimpses of the World Unseen.
London: Chatto and Windus, 1878.

History, Description and Antiquities of the Prebendal Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Thame, in the County and Diocese of Oxford.
London: Mitchell and Hughes, 1883.

Reginald Pole, Cardinal Archbishop of Canterbury: An Historical Sketch, with an Introductory Prologue and Practical Epilogue.
London: J.C. Nimmo, 1888.
New York: G.P. Putnam, 1888. [External link]

The Sinless Conception of the Mother of God.
London: T. Fisher Unwin, 1891. [External link]

The Church under Queen Elizabeth: An Historical Sketch.
London: W.H. Allen, 1892.

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