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A Discourse of the Pastoral Care
By Gilbert Burnet
Bishop of Salisbury

First edition London, 1692; third edition London, 1712.

Modern spelling edition based on editions of 1692 and 1712.

Epistle Dedicatory


Chapter I. Of the Dignity of Sacred Employments, and the Names and Designations given to them in Scripture.

Chapter II. Of the Rules Set Down in Scripture for Those that Minister in Holy Things, and of the Corruptions That are Set forth in them.

Chapter III. Passages out of the New Testament relating to the Same Matter.

Chapter IV. Of the Sense of the Primitive Church in This Matter.

Chapter V. An Account of some Canons in divers Ages of the Church relating to the Duties and Labours of the Clergy.

Chapter VI. Of the Declared Sense and Rules of the Church of England in This Matter.

Chapter VII. Of the Due Preparation of Such as May, and Ought to be Put in Orders.

Chapter VIII. Of the Functions and Labours of Clergymen.

Chapter IX. Concerning Preaching.

Chapter X. Of Presentations to Benefices, and Simony.


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