Project Canterbury

Dorchester Polytechnic Academy;
Dr. Neverasole, Principal

by James DeKoven

Milwaukee: Morehouse, 1879. 226 pp.

The story of "Dorchester Polytechnic Academy," will be new to most readers. It is well known among the friends of the late Dr. DeKoven, that he had a wonderful gift of story-telling; and it was his custom to gather the boys in his study at regular intervals, and entertain them in that way. "Dorchester Polytechnic Academy" is one of the stories which was thus delivered to "his boys," and he was induced to write it out for publication, some ten years ago. It is so very different from any of his other publications, that it will excite a great deal of interest among those who were not favored with a personal acquaintance with the gifted author; and to those who knew and loved him, the book will be a reminder of happy hours spent at the College, and be treasured as a souvenir of their dear departed friend. The Publisher undertakes this work as a labor of love, and in the interest of one of the departments of Church work, very dear to the heart of his sainted friend,

L. H. M.


Project Canterbury