Project Canterbury

Dorchester Polytechnic Academy;
Dr. Neverasole, Principal

by James DeKoven

Milwaukee: Morehouse, 1879. 226 pp.


"Is that all?" says a small but inquisitive boy who sits by my side.

"Yes," I answer wearily.

"But what became of them all?" he persists. "Did Dr. Neverasole become a Christian?"

"He became a Warden of the new Episcopal Church in Hubville, and was sent as a delegate to the Episcopal Convention," I reply.

"But did he become a Christian?"

"Of course, my dear; did you ever know a delegate who was not one."

"What became of Durkey?"

"He is the United States Senator from Dorchester."

"What became of Popkins?"

"He is a clergyman."

"What became of Edward Stebbins?"

"He went to sea, and was drowned."

"What became of Miss Hetty Neverasole?'*

"She married Durkey."

"What became of the Bishop of Dorchester?

"He died of overwork."

"And Mr. Whooney?"

"He is Rector of St. Jerome's, and Lucy is all that Mrs, Whooney ought to be."

"What became of Mrs. Neverasole?"

''Nothing ever became of her."

"Now," says the small boy very earnestly, "do please tell me what became of Robert Graham?"

"That I cannot do, for if I did I should have to go on writing the story, and it has come to an end."

"Didn't he marry that little girl you told about a good many numbers ago?"



Project Canterbury