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 Charlotte Mary Yonge: An Appreciation


By Ethel Romanes


London: Mowbray, 1908.


Chapter I. Childhood and Youth
Chapter II. The Early Books
Chapter III. The 'Monthly Packet'
Chapter IV. 'The Heir of Redclyffe'
Chapter V. 'Conversations on the Catechism'--'Dynevor Terrace'--A Visit to Ireland
Chapter VI. Life at Elderfield--'The Young Stepmother'--'The Trial,' and Other Books
Chapter VII. Mr. Keble's Death--The Historical Tales--Bishop Patteson
Chapter VIII. 'The Pillars of the House,' and other Family Chronicles--Changes
Chapter IX. Miss Wordsworth's Visits
Chapter X. Books for Children--Religious Books--Later Years

The Secret of Miss Yonge's Influence, by Lady Frederick Cavendish


THIS little book is not intended to rival or supersede Miss Coleridge's larger Life.

What the writer set out to do was to show that Miss Yonge was indeed a leader of religion, and that she had a very great share in that movement which we know as the Oxford Movement.

I have therefore tried as much as possible not to repeat anything which is found in Miss Coleridge's Life, and have sought to make the book what I have called it--'an appreciation.'

My best thanks are due to Miss Coleridge and Messrs. Macmillan for permission to quote from the Life and from the works of Miss Yonge; to Messrs. Parker and the editor of Mothers in Council for a like permission; to Mrs. Knight, Miss Cazenove, Miss Ireland Blackburne, and Miss Patteson for letters; to Miss Wordsworth for her delightful reminiscences; and, finally, to Lady Frederick Cavendish for her interesting contribution.

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