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Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament Hymns.

London: Herbert Fitch & Co., Ltd., 1928.


The Hymn Books in which the Hymns and Tunes can be found are indicated above the Hymns whenever possible.

Elsewhere a suitable Tune is suggested.

It is hoped that this collection of Hymns may be of permanent use, and further copies can be obtained through the Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament.

References to other Hymn Books:

E.H. = English Hymnal
C.B.S. = C.B.S. Manual
C.B.S.H.&P. = C.B.S. Hymns and Prayer Paper
C.S.H.B. = Catholic Supplementary Hymn Book
A.M. = Ancient & Modern

1. Tune from Stainer’s “Crucifixion.”

ALL for Jesus! all for Jesus!
This our song shall ever be;
For we have no hope nor Saviour,
If we have not hope in thee.

All for Jesus! thou dost give us
Strength to serve thee hour by hour,
None can move us from thy presence
While we trust thy love and power.

All for Jesus! at thine Altar
Thou dost give us sweet content;
There, dear Saviour, we receive thee
In the Holy Sacrament.

All for Jesus! thou hast loved us,
All for Jesus! thou hast died,
All for Jesus! thou art with us,
All for Jesus crucified!

All for Jesus! all for Jesus!
This the Church’s song must be;
Till at last her sons are gathered
One in love and one in thee.

2. C.S.H.B. 853.

COME, let us join our songs to praise
That banquet all divine,
Where Jesus’ flesh becomes our meat
And Jesus’ blood our wine.
My soul, fall prostrate to adore,
In lowliest worship bent;
Each day I live I love thee more,
Sweet Sacrament! Sweet Sacrament!

The outward forms of bread and wine
Are all our eyes can see;
But faith beholds the flesh and blood,
The Soul and Deity.
My soul, etc.

This is my body, this my blood:
Thy words our hearts believe;
For thou, the Truth, hast spoken them,
And thou canst not deceive.
My soul, etc.

Thou, God and man, art in our midst
The altar is thy throne;
We bow before thy mercy-seat,
And thee, our Maker, own.
My soul, etc.

The Lamb of God, who once was slain,
Here on the altar lies,
Father, for all the quick and dead
Accept this Sacrifice.
My soul, etc.

Worthy the Lamb that dies, we cry,
Of worship all divine,
All glory, mighty, and majesty
For ever, Lord, be thine.
My soul, etc.

3. C.S.H.B. 852 & C.B.S.H. & P. 1.

CLEAR vault of heaven, serenely blue,
How many stars come shining through
Thy Azure depths?
Beyond all count are they.
Praised be the Holy Sacrament as many times a day!

Fair world, the work of God’s right hand,
How many are the grains of sand
In all thy frame?
Beyond, etc.

O groves and gardens rich and fair,
What bounteous harvests do ye bear
Of fruit and flowers?
Beyond, etc.

Great ocean boundless, uncontrolled,
How many do thy waters hold
Of briny drops?
Beyond, etc.

High sun, of all things centre bright,
How many are the rays of light
That from thee dart?
Beyond, etc.

Eternity, O vast sublime!
How many moments of our time
Are in thy length?
Beyond, etc.

4. Suggested tune. Catholic Hymns (Burns, Oates and Washbourne) 138.

CHRIST is my true King and Shepherd;
He doth rule me; he doth guide.
Nothing can I lack, if near him
Constant I abide.

Where the verdant pasture springeth,
Where the living waters flow,
There his tender love hath set me,
On this earth below.

For his Name’s sake he hath led me
In the paths of truth and right,
And my drooping soul sustaineth
By his holy might.

Though I walk through death’s dark valley,
Yet no evil shall I fear;
Powers of darkness have no terrors—
Christ, my Lord, is near.

Where the wicked sore afflict me,
He a table doth prepare,
Furnished well with food celestial
By his bounteous care.

He with oil my head anointeth,
In the midst of all my foes,
And my cup with sweetness filleth,
Till it overflows.

So throughout life’s toilsome journey
Shall his mercy follow me,
Till at length, in radiant glory,
I my Lord shall see.

Bliss supreme, O bliss supernal,
Then to see him, and adore;
In his heavenly house abiding,
Blest for evermore.

5. Possible tunes: A.M. 235. E.H. 465.

GREAT God Almighty,
Reigning in splendour,
Father so tender,
Take thou our gift:
Thought may be flight
Words they may falter
Christ in His Altar
We will uplift.

Father supernal
Welcome each giver,
Bless and deliver
Us from thy blame:
Grant us eternal
Life in thy gladness,
Safe from all sadness
To honour thy Name.

6. Possible tunes: A.M. 137, 338, 551.

HAIL! Thou living bread from heaven,
Sacrament of awful might!
I adore thee, I adore thee
Every moment, day and night.

Holiest Jesus, Son of Mary,
O’er me shed thy gifts divine;
Holiest Jesus, my Redeemer,
All my heart and soul are thine.

7. C.S.H.B. 873.

HEART of Jesus, sacred heart,
Praise to thee for all thou art!
Spring of grace, the Godhead’s shrine,
Throne of glory, heart divine!
Heart whom angel hosts adore,
Would that men would love thee more!

Heart of our Saviour, heart of our Friend,
Heart that hast loved thine own to the end,
Heart of our King! heart of our Lord!
Be thou for ever loved and adored!

Heart of Jesus, human heart,
Thanks to thee for all thou art!
Where should we have been or be,
Fount of goodness, but for thee?
Heart so full of love for us,
Would that we could love thee thus.

Heart of our Saviour, etc.

Heart so holy, heart so pure,
Heart so patient to endure,
Heart that all our sin has borne,
Bruised, humbled, crushed, forlorn.
Heart which we have wrung with pain,
Be thou never wronged again!

Heart of our Saviour, etc.

Heart still beating in the Host,
Where, alas! we wrong thee most!
Heart so noble, heart so true,
Pierced by all, consoled by few,
Lonely heart so loving men,
Would that thou wert loved again!

Heart of our Saviour, etc.

Heart so pitiful to heal,
Tender heart, so quick to feel,
Heart so ready to forgive,
Heart so grateful to receive,
Sea of love without a shore,
Be thou loved and trusted more!

Heart of our Saviour, etc.

Heart of Jesus, broken heart,
Praise and thanks for all thou art!
Shelter in the noon-day heat,
Covert when the rain doth beat,
Home where all find peace and rest,
Be thou known and loved and blest.

Heart of our Saviour, etc.

8. C.S.H.B. 854

I SCARCE can tread the holy ground
Before the mercy seat:
I can but fall upon my face,
And worship at his feet;
And yet the angels seem to sing
"His presence is so sweet."

My soul, O wherefore dost thou shrink
Upon the holy hill?
Alas for hands and heart, all changed,
A consecrated will!
And yet the angels seem to sing
"Here joys all spirits fill."

I will kneel on till Jesus comes,
My Lord surpassing fair,
Until he feeds me with himself,
My king without compare;
For yet the angels seem to sing
"His dwells lovely are."

Thus will I tread the holy ground
Before the mercy seat:
Thus will I fall upon my face
And worship at his feet;
So with the angels I may sing
"His presence is so sweet."

9. C.S.H.B. 856 & C.B.S.H. & P. 5.
Other possible tunes: A.M. 178(2). E.H. 419.

JESUS, in thy dear sacrament
Thy cross I cannot see,
But the Crucified is offer’d there,
And he was slain for me.

Jesus, in thy dear sacrament
Thy flesh I cannot see,
But that flesh is given to be our food,
And it was scourged for me.

Jesus, in thy dear sacrament
Thy blood I cannot see,
But the chalice glows with those red drops,
On Calv’ry shed for me.

Jesus in thy dear sacrament
Thy face I cannot see,
But angels there behold the brow
Thrown-crown’d for love of me.

Jesus, in thy dear sacrament
Thy heart I cannot see,
But that fiery heart is prison’d there,
And it was pierc’d for me.

Jesus my Maker and my God,
Thy Godhead none may see,
But thou art present, God and man,
In thy sacrament with me.

10. C.S.H.B. 855
Possible tunes: A.M. 191. E.H. 417.

JESU! my Lord, my God, my all!
How can I love thee as I ought?
And how revere this wondrous Gift,
So far surpassing hope or thought?

Sweet sacrament! we thee adore!
O make us love thee more and more!

Had I but Mary’s sinless heart
To love thee with, my dearest King!
O with what burst of fervent praise
Thy goodness, Jesus, would I sing!

Sweet Sacrament, etc.

O see! within a creature’s hand
The vast Creator deigns to be,
Reposing infant-like, as though
On Joseph’s arm, or Mary’s knee!

Sweet Sacrament, etc.

Thy Body, Soul, and Godhead all!
O mystery of love divine!
I cannot compass all I have
For all thou hast and art are mine!

Sweet Sacrament, etc.

Sound, sound his praises higher still,
And come, ye angels, to our aid,
’Tis God! ’tis God! the very God,
Whose power both men and angels made!

Sweet Sacrament, etc.

11. C.S.H.B. 857.
Possible tunes: A.M. 277, 598. E.H. 444.

JESUS is here with us,
Jesus is here!
Earth fades in mist away,
Heav’n’s gate is near;
Doubt not, sad heart, nor fear;
For thy dear Lord is here,
Jesus is here!

First fruits of Bethlehem,
Thee we adore;
God in the House of Bread
Tarries once more;
Sinful man’s sins to bear
The Lamb of God is here,
Jesus is here!

Jesus here pleads, for man
Pardon to win,
One perfect Sacrifice
Offer’d for sin;
So, when life’s storm blows drear,
We know that thou art here,
Jesus is here!

12. C.S.H.B. 858.
Suggested tunes: A.M. 264, 295. E.H. 440, 494.

JESU, Word of God incarnate,
Of the virgin Mary born,
On the cross thy sacred body,
For us men with nails was torn.
Cleanse us by the blood and water,
Streaming from thy pierced side.
Feed us with thy body broken,
Now, and in death’s agony!
O Jesu hear us, O Jesu spare us,
O grant us, Lord, thy mercy. Amen.

13. E.H. 317.

LAUD, O Sion, thy salvation,
Laud with hymns of exultation
Christ, thy King and Shepherd true:
Spend thyself, his honour raising,
Who surpasseth all thy praising;
Never canst thou reach his due.

Sing to-day, the mystery showing
Of the living, life bestowing
Bread from heaven before thee set;
E’en the same of old provided,
Where the Twelve, divinely guided,
At the holy Table met.

Full and clear ring out thy chanting,
Joy nor sweetest grace be wanting
To thy heart and soul to-day;
When we gather up the measure
Of that Supper and its treasure,
Keeping feast in glad array.

Lo, the new King’s Table gracing,
This new Passover of blessing
Hath fulfilled the elder rite:
Now the new the old old effaceth,
Truth revealed the shadow chaseth,
Day is breaking on the night.

What he did at Supper seated,
Christ ordained to be repeated,
His memorial ne’er to cease:
And, his word for guidance taking,
Bread and wine we hallow, making
Thus our Sacrifice of peace.

This the truth to Christians given—
Bread becomes his Flesh from heaven,
Wine becomes his holy Blood.
Doth it pass thy comprehending?
Yet by faith, thy sight transcending,
Wondrous things are understood.

Yea, beneath these signs are hidden
Glorious things to sight forbidden:
Look not on the outward sign.
Wine is poured and Bread is broken,
But in either sacred token
Christ is here by power divine.

Whoso of this Food partaketh,
Rendeth not the Lord nor breaketh:
Christ is whole to all that taste.
Thousands are, as one, receivers,
One, as thousands of believers,
Takes the Food that cannot waste.

Good and evil men are sharing
One repast, a doom preparing
Varied as the heart of man;
Doom of life or death recorded
Which from one beginning ran.

When the Sacrament is broken,
Doubt not in each severed token,
Hallowed by the word once spoken
Resteth all the true content:
Nought the precious Gift divideth,
Breaking but the sign betideth,
He himself the same abideth,
Nothing of his fullness spent.

Part 2.

Lo! the Angels’ Food is given
To the pilgrim who hath striven;
See the children’s Bread from heaven,
Which to dogs may not be cast;
Truth the ancient types fulfilling,
Isaac bound, a victim willing,
Paschal lamb, its life-blood spilling,
Manna sent in ages past.

Part 3.

Very Bread, good Shepherd, tend us,
Jesu, of thy love befriend us,
Thou refresh us, thou defend us,
Thine eternal goodness send us
In the land of life to see;
Thou who all things canst and knowet,
Who on earth such Good bestowest,
Grant us with thy Saints, though lowest,
Where the heavenly Feast thou showest,
Fellow heirs and guests to be.

14. E.H. 318.
Another popular tune is found in “Melodies to Certain Hymns,” by J. F. Walem. Knott Bros.

LET all mortal flesh keeps ilence,
And with fear and trembling stand;
Ponder nothing earthly-minded,
For with blessed in his hand,
Christ our God to earth descendeth,
Our full homage to demand.

King of kings, yet born of Mary,
As of old on earth he stood,
Lord of lords, in human vesture—
In the Body and the Blood—
He will give to all the faithful
His own Self for heavenly Food.

Rank on rank the host of heaven spreads
Its vanguard on the way,
As the Light of light descendeth
From the realms of endless day,
That the powers of hell may vanish
As the darkness clears away.

At His feet the six-winged Seraph;
Cherubim with sleepless eye,
Veil their faces to the Presence,
As with ceaseless voice they cry,
Alleluya, Alleluya, Alleluya,
Lord most high.

15. C.B.S. MANUAL.
Suggested tunes: A.M. 179, 281. E.H. 228, 426.

O THE mystery, passing wonder,
When reclining at the board,
“Eat,” thou saidst to thy disciples
“That true Bread with quickening stored;
Drink in faith the Blood of offering
From God’s riven side outpoured.”

Then the glorious upper chamber
A celestial tent was made,
When the bloodless rite was offered,
And the soul’s true service paid,
And the table of the feasters
As an Altar stood displayed.

Christ is now our mighty Pascha,
Eaten for our mystic bread:
As a lamb led out to slaughter,
And for this world offered:
Take we of His broken Body,
Drink we of the Blood He shed.

To the Twelve spake Truth eternal,
To the Branches spake the Vine;
Never more from this day forward
Shall I taste again the wine,
Till I drink it in the Kingdom
Of My Father, and with Mine.

Thou hast stretched those hands for silver
That had held the immortal Food;
With those lips that late had tasted
Of the Body and the Blood,
Thou hast given the kiss, O Judas!
Thou hast heard the woe bestowed.

Chris to all the world gives banquet
On that most Celestial Meat:
Him, albeit with lips all earthly,
Yet with holy hearts we greet:
Him, the sacrificial Pascha,
Priest and Victim all complete.

16. C.S.H.B. 860 & C.B.S.H. & P. 3.

O JESU Lord, remember
When thou shalt come again
Upon the clouds of heaven,
With all thy shining train—

When every eye shall see thee
In deity revealed,
Who here upon this altar
In silence art concealed:—

Remember then, O Saviour,
I supplicate of thee,
That here I bowed before thee
Upon my bended knee.

That here I owned thy presence
And did not thee deny;
And glorified thy greatness,
Though hid from human eye.

Accept, divine Redeemer,
The homage of my praise;
Be thou the light and honour
And glory of my days.

Be thou my consolation
When death is drawing nigh;
Be thou my only treasure
Through all eternity.

17. C.S.H.B. 879 & C.B.S.H. & P. 6.

O SACRED heart,
Our home lies deep in thee
On earth thou art an exile’s rest,
In heav’n the glory of the blest,
O sacred heart.

O sacred heart!
Thou fount of contrite tears,
Where’er those living waters flow,
New life to sinners they bestow,
O sacred heart.

O sacred heart,
Our trust is all in thee;
For though earth’s night be dark and drear,
Thou breathest rest where thou art near,
O sacred heart.

O sacred heart,
When shades of death shall fall,
Receive us ’neath thy gentle care,
And save us from the Tempter’s snare,
O sacred heart.

O sacred heart,
Lead exiled children home,
Where we may ever rest near thee,
In peace and joy eternally,
O sacred heart.

18. Suggested tune: A.M. 598.

O WORSHIP Jesus now,
For He is here!
Before His Altar bow,
For He is here!
The Lamb of God once slain,
Is offered now again,
Pleading for sinful men
Jesus is here!

Angels are kneeling round,
For He is here!
They guard the Holy Ground,
For He is here!
And even children dare
A feeble part to bear
And in their praise to share:
Jesus is here!

We hear His Voice so blest,
For He is here!
Stilling our hearts to rest,
For He is here!
Before His Altar Throne,
Lay every burden down,
And every need make known;
Jesus is here!

Then worship and adore
For He is here!
Then love Him more and more,
For He is here!
O feast of priceless worth!
The Saviour’s death shewn forth!
Yea! this is Heaven on earth!
Jesus is here!

19. C.S.H.B. 861.

PEACE! peace!
Jesus is here.
Peace! peace!
Angels are near!
We are not left alone,
Here at his Altar throne
Heaven and earth are one:
Jesus is here!

Kneel, kneel;
Jesus is king.
Kneel, kneel;
Offerings bring.
Dear Babe of Bethlehem,
God of Jerusalem,
Love is his diadem—
Jesus is king!

Soft, soft,
Whisper your need.
Soft, soft;
The Father will heed.
Given the holy food,
Bow as upon the rood
Pleadeth the precious blood:
Whisper your need.

Rest, rest
Infinite love,
Rest, rest,
Here as above,
Now on his gentle breast
Weary ones find their rest
Truest and tenderest,
Infinite love.

20. Suitable tune: “Children’s Hymn Book” (S.P.C.K.), 190.

SANCTIFY me wholly, Soul of Christ adored;
Be my sure salvation, Body of the Lord:
Fill and satisfy me, O thou Blood unpriced;
Wash me, Sacred Water from the side of Christ.
Passion of my Saviour, be my strength in need;
Good and gracious Jesus, to my prayer give heed;
In thy Wounds most precious, let me refuge find;
All the power malignant of the enemy bind:
At death’s final hour, call me to Thy Face:
Bid me stand beside thee in the heavenly place;
There with Saints and Angels I shall sing to thee
Through the countless ages of eternity.

21 Suggested tune: A.M. 223.

SWEET Heart of Jesus! Fount of Love and mercy,
To-day we come, Thy Blessing to implore
Oh touch our hearts, so cold and so ungrateful,
And make them, Lord, Thine own for evermore.

Refrain. Sweet Heart of Jesus, we thee implore.
O! make us love Thee more and more.

Sweet Heart of Jesus! make us know and love Thee
Unfold to us the treasures of Thy Grace,
That so our hearts, from things of earth uplifted
May long alone to gaze upon Thy Face.

Sweet Heart of Jesus! make us pure and gentle,
And teach us how to do Thy Blessed Will,
To follow close the prints of Thy dear footsteps.
And when we fall! Sweet Heart! Oh love us still!

Sweet Heart of Jesus! bless all hearts that love Thee,
And may Thine own Heart ever blessed be,
Bless us, dear Lord, and bless the friends we cherish,
And keep us true to Mary and to Thee.

22 C.S.H.B. 862 & C.B.S.H.&P. 4

SWEET Sacrament divine!
Hid in thine earthly home,
Lo! round thy lowly shrine,
With suppliant hearts we come;
Jesus, to thee our voice we raise,
In songs of love and heartfelt praise,
Sweet Sacrament divine!

Sweet Sacrament of peace!
Dear home for every year,
Where restless yearnings cease,
And sorrows all depart:
There in Thine ear, all trustfully,
We tell our tale of misery,
Sweet Sacrament of peace!

Sweet Sacrament of rest!
Ark from the ocean’s roar,
Within thy shelter blest,
Soon may we reach the shore;
Save us, for still the tempest raves,
Save, lest we sink beneath the waves,
Sweet Sacrament of rest!

Sweet Sacrament divine!
Earth’s Light and Jubilee,
In thy far depths doth shine
Thy Godhead’s majesty;
Sweet Light, so shine on us, we pray,
That earthly joys may fade away,
Sweet Sacrament divine.


Suggested tunes: A.M. 264, 295. E.H. 440, 494.

UPON this holy day of our solemnities
Acclaim we joyfully the coming mysteries;
Old things are past away, behold in all restored
Newness of heart, of deed and word.

Worthy that night to be in memory observed,
When to His Brethren Christ at the last Supper served
The lamb, the unleavened bread, the Father’s nourishment,
After their ancient law’s intent.

To His disciples then, after the Type complete,
The Body of the Lord Himself was given  to eat,
To all of them the whole, the whole to each no less,
His own hand giving, we confess.

To their unstableness He gave His Flesh for food;
To their despondency, the chalice of His Blood;
“Receive this cup,” He said; “behold what I have done,
And drink ye from it everyone.”

So did he institute this holy sacrifice,
Ordaining thereunto the priesthood of His choice,
Commanding them alone the Gifts of consecrate,
To take and to communicate.

The Bread of angels here becomes the food of man;
The Bread from Heaven completes what figured types began;
O wonderful; the Lord Himself is given for meat,
Whereof the lowly slave shall eat.

Eternal God most high, most holy Trinity.
Abide in us, we pray, as here we worship Thee,
And grant us to attain, guided by Thee alone,
The light encompassing Thy Throne.

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