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Private Forms of Prayer Fit for Sad Times
[By Brian Duppa]

London: Thomas Mabb, 1660.

An Annversary Prayer for the Thirtieth of January.

O Most mightie God, terrible in thy judgements, and wonderfull in thy doings towards the Children of Men, Who in thy heavie displeasure hast suffered this day, that execrable thing to be done among Us, which We cannot mention without horror, nor remember without astonishment.

We thy poor afflicted Creatures, with dejected looks, and bleeding hearts, humblie confesse in the behalf of all the people of this wretched land, that our crying sins have been the Cause that the Crown is thus fallen from our head, and an innocent King given up to the rage of cruell and bloudie men.

But O Gracious God, lay not the guilt of this bloud (the shedding of which none but thy blood can expiate) lay it not on the whole Nation; for thou hast yet a remnant among Us, who having neither hands nor hearts defiled with it, do still mourn in secret, and bewail the committing of that fact, which heaven and earth abhors.

But if thy justice must be satisfied, Let the thunder of it light upon their heads, and theirs alone, who not only contrived and acted so foul a murther, but are as yet so far from being touched with any remorse or repentance for it, that they justifie their sin, and in an high blasphemie pretend thy Name, and Glorie, for all that they have done.

Lord in thy good time consider this; Consider not only what they have done to that royall Martyr, who now raignes with thee in Glorie; But with what eagernesse they have since pursued him, To whom Thou hast given the Crown, saying, with those wicked Husbandmen, This is the Heir, let us kill him that the Inheritance may be Ours.

But, O mercifull God, let not this wicked imagination of theirs ever take effect; but set thy watchfull Providence as a continual fence about him: shew some token on him for good even now; O Lord, when they have swallowed him up in the pride of their strength, and think they have made their hill so strong, that thy can never be moved.

This is thine hour, O Lord; this is thy time; Now shew thy self: O Thou who art the Judge of the World, judge equally between him and those sons of Belial.

Thou seest thy Church is laid waste, thy People oppressed, thine Anointed cast out, as an unprofitable Branch; his Armies overthrown, his Friends ruined, his Enemies mighty, his Hopes vanished, and all human remedies consumed.

But Thou art the same God that fittest between the Cherubims, be the Earth never so unquiet. Hear Us therefore in the midst of our confusions. Restore to Us the light of our eyes, the King whom thou hast given Us.

Be from henceforth his Guide and his Counsel, and his mighty Deliverer, and never leave him till Thou hast made the Stone, which those Builders have set at nought, the headstone of the Corner; That We may evermore rejoyce in the felicitie of thy Chosen, and falling down before thine Altars, give thanks to Thee in the great Congregation. Grant this, O God, for his sake that pleads for Us, even Jesus Christ the righteous,


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