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Private Forms of Prayer Fit for Sad Times
[By Brian Duppa]

London: Thomas Mabb, 1660.

A Prayer for the Afflicted.

O Lord God, Mercifull & gracious, the only Sanctuary and Refuge of all that are in Misery and Trouble; Hear I beseech thee the groans and cries of all that are Afflicted outwardly or inwardly, either in body or Mind, Especially such who suffer in a Righteous Cause, whose loyalty hath been more dear to them then their Fortunes, and a good Conscience more precious then their Lives: consider them, O God, in their several Extremities, whether at home or abroad: comfort them in their Distresses, supply them in their Wants.

Let the sorrowfull sighing of all that are oppressed, come before thee, and by the Greatnesse of thy Power, preserve thou them that are appointed to die.

Convert and soften the hard hearts of their implacable Enemies and asswage their thirst of blood, which still cries more and more.

Or, if thou otherwise hast decreed to bring any more of us through this Red Sea into the Land of Promise, prepare us for this passage, and guide us by thy blessed Spirit through the shadows of death. Continue our Christian courage and constancy to the uttermost; strengthen our Faith, confirm our Hope, and let our Charity overflow, even to the forgiving of them, by whose unjust Sentence we perish. That so dying in thy Peace, we may enter into the Joyes prepared for us, through the Mediation of our saviour, who hath gone the same way before us, even Jesus Christ the Righteous,


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