Project Canterbury


 Twenty Years on the Saskatchewan,
N.W. Canada



By the Rev. William Newton
Hon Canon of Saskatchewan


London: Elliot Stock, 1897.



Chapter I. The Far North-West
Chapter II. Winnipeg and the Prairies
Chapter III. Early Difficulties
Chapter IV. Dog-Train Experiences
Chapter V. River and Other Perils
Chapter VI. Securing a Dwelling-Place
Chapter VII. Half-Breed Races
Chapter VIII. Indian Dialects
Chapter IX. Indian Religion and Parliament
Chapter X. Building the First Church
Chapter XI. The First Bishop of Saskatchewan
Chapter XII. Riel's Rebellion
Chapter XIII. The Causes of the Rebellion
Chapter XIV. True and False Bravery
Chapter XV. Characteristics of the Indians--Mr. Evans: His Work, Mistake, and Persecution
Chapter XVI. Land Rights of First Settlers
Chapter XVII. Difficulties of Church Work
Chapter XVIII. Missions among Settlers
Chapter XIX. Criticism of Church Methods
Chapter XX. The Saskatchewan Country
Chapter XXI. Emigrants and Emigration
Chapter XXII. The Future of North-west Canada

Project Canterbury