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The Rainbow in the North
A Short Account of the First Establishment of Christianity in Rupert's Land by the Church Missionary Society.
By Sarah Tucker.

London: James Nisbet, 1851.


Chiefs of the Interior of North-west America

Mr. West taking leave of the Indians at Beaver Creek, before stepping into his cariole.

Church and Mission School at the Upper Settlement, built by the Rev. J. West.

Natives on their way to the House of God.

Indian beyond the Rocky Mountains expressing by Signs his desire for Religious Instruction.

Interior of an Indian Tent on the Red River, in 1833.

The Rev. D. Jones taking leave of the People of the Indian Village

The Missionary's Ride to his Distant Church along the Half-frozen River.

The Indian Village on the Red River in 1837.

Preaching to the Indians at Lac la Ronge

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