Project Canterbury

The Church on the Prairie

By H. H. Montgomery, D.D.

[London:] Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, 1910.

Palace occupied by Bishop McLean
Bishop of Saskatchewan, 1874-1886

A wheat field seven miles in extent.

Group taken at Lloydminster, 1906.

The Bishop of Saskatchewan is on the left,
and Archdeacon Lloyd on the right of Bishop Montgomery.

Archdeacon Lloyd's party at Saskatoon (1907).

The camp at Christ Church Hill, Saskatoon.

A shack.

Fixing a wheel





Moving the first church at Humboldt.

St. Andrew's Church and Vicarage, Humboldt.

Mission House, Islay District.

Catechist and Family Group, Islay Mission District.

The English Church and Bishop's House, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

The Warden and Students, St. Chad's Hostel, Regina (1908).

The new church at Bresaylor, Saskatchewan.

Harvesting, cutting oats in Killarney, Manitoba.

Horse ranching, Cypress Hills, N.W. Canada.

Rouding up cattle, N.W. Canada.

Threshing by electricity, twelve miles north-west of Brandon, N.W. Canada.

Making a railway across the prairie.

Mr. J. Miller McCormick (Navvy Missioner)

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