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Six Months of a Newfoundland Missionary's Journal
from February to August, 1835.
by Archdeacon Edward Wix [1802-1866]

second edition
London: Smith, Elder and Co., 1836.

In sending a Second Edition of this Journal to the press without any revision by the Author, the Editor not without apprehension that she may forfeit the kindness with which it was received on its first appearance; but as the sole design of its publication was to make known the spiritual wants of the poor in Newfoundland, so the interest which it has excited in behalf of the destitute members of our Church on that island, is the sole cause of its second appearance.

The Editor is assured, that the Author would rather that his literary character should suffer, than that the Church in Newfoundland should remain unsupported. Gratefully does she acknowledge, that the appeal for help has not been made in vain. Many have come forward most liberally, to aid and cheer the Missionary in his arduous labours. Already has the sum of One Thousand Pounds been contributed towards the erection of the new Church in St. John's, Newfoundland, which is nearly completed; but an equal sum is required, in order to exonerate the Archdeacon from his personal responsibilities, and secure another Clergyman to the Island: for, as soon as the expense of the Church is defrayed, a Curate will be engaged to assist in it, and in the five settlements around St. John's, which, in the winter of 1835-6, have devolved wholly on the Archdeacon's care.

At the request of a few individuals (who have not felt satisfied with aiding the erection of the Church alone), a separate fund has been commenced, in order to supply the destitute settlements, visited by the Archdeacon, with Books; and one Lady has generously offered to contribute towards the support of a Missionary at the Isle of Valen: but as the new Church at St. John's is the primary object of this appeal, so it is desired that it should be the first object of consideration.

Project Canterbury