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Lewis Norman Tucker


How to Study the Bible.
Montreal: J. T. Robinson, 1888. [External link]

The Problem of the West.
Toronto: Canadian Council, 1905. [External link]

Handbooks of English Church Expansion: Western Canada
Toronto: The Musson Book Company, 1907.

Administration of Missions.
London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1908.

Canada's Missionary Policy.
Toronto: Laymen's Missionary Movement, 1908. [External link]

From Sea to Sea the Dominion.
No place: no publisher, 1909. [External link]

Sermon Preached in St. James' Cathedral, Toronto, St. Andrew's Day, Nov. 30th, 1909, at the Consecration of the Right Reverend Wm. C. White, D.D., Bishop in Honan, China.
No place: no publisher, 1909. [External link]

The Anglican Church and Its Missions.
No place: no publisher, 1913.

The Protection of Native Races. Rev. Dr. Tucker's Appeal on behalf of the Indians of British Columbia.
Canadian Association of Friends of Native Races, 1914. [External link]

The British Columbia Indian Land Question - Its Present Position: An Explanatory Statement.
Canadian Association of Friends of Native Races, 1915. [External link]

Council for Social Service, Church of England in Canada: Memorandum Read at the Meeting of the Council Held in Montreal, Oct. 18th, 1916, and Printed by Resolution of the Council.
Toronto: Council for Social Service, 1916. [External link]

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