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James Carmichael


In Memory of the Right Rev. James Carmichael, Fourth Bishop of Montreal, Died Sept. 21, 1908, Aged 73 Years, and of His Wife, Emma Dubourdien, Died Jan. 16, 1907, Aged 68 Years.
Montreal: Gazette Printing, [1908]. [External link]

The Tares and the Wheat: A Sermon Preached July 20th, 1865.
Clinton, Ontario: E. Holmes and Company, 1865.

Confirmation: An Apostolic, Primitive, and Protestant Rite, being the Substance of a Sermon Delivered before Candidates.
Clinton, Ontario: E. Holmes and Company, c.1865.

The Kingdom of God, or, Kingdom: a Notice of "Brief Remarks" by R.T. Grant, Esq., Published January, 1866 on a Sermon Preached by the Rev. James Carmichael, Entitled "The Tares and the Wheat", published July, 1865.
Clinton, Ontario: no publisher, 1866. [External link]

The Church Service: A Series of Sermons Delivered in St. George's Church, Montreal, etc.
Montreal: Gazette Printing House, 1872.

Design and Darwinism.
Toronto: Hunter, Rose, 1880.

Essay on the Character of Jesus Christ: Considered as an Evidence of the Truth of the Christian Religion.
Toronto: Hunter, Rose, 1882.

Organic Union of Canadian Churches: with a Comparison of Authorised Standards.
Montreal: Dawson Brothers, 1887.

A Holiday Trip: Montreal to Victoria and Return, via the Canadian Pacific Railway.
Montreal: Gazette Printing, 1888.

The Errors of the Plymouth Brethren.
Montreal: W. Drysdale, 1888.

A Plea for the Young Men of Montreal: A Sermon.
Montreal: no publisher, c.1889.

Church of England Teaching.
Montreal, William Drysdale and Company, 1890.

The Church Year: A Series of Sermons for the Sacred Seasons.
Montreal: W. Foster Brown, 1893.

How Two Documents May Be Found in One: A Monograph in Connection with the Higher Criticism.
Montreal: no publisher, 1895.

Why Some Fairly Intelligent Persons Do Not Endorse the Hypothesis of Evolution: A Plea for Divine Intention in Creation.
Montreal: no publisher, 1898.

Is There a God for Man to Know?
Toronto: Church of England Publishing Company, c.1900.

The Attitude of Our Church toward the Protestant Communions around Her: Points of Union and Their Emphasis.
No place: Church Unity Society, c.1900.

In Loving Memory of One Who for Many Years Lived in Our Midst a Simple Life of Devotion to the Master, Mr. Gibb: A Sermon Preached at St. Mary's Church, Como, February 23rd, 1902.
Montreal: No publisher, 1902.

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