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George Jehoshaphat Mountain


Foundations of Episcopacy: A Sermon Preached on the Consecration of the Right Rev. William Grant Broughton, D.D. First Bishop of Australia, and the Right Rev. George Jehoshaphat Mountain, D.D. First Bishop of Montreal, Lower Canada.
By John Edward Nassau Molesworth.
London: J. G. and F. Rivington, 1836.

A Charge, Delivered to the Clergy of the Diocese of Quebec at His Primary Visitation, Completed in 1838.
London: J. G. F. & J. Rivington, 1839.

A Circular Letter from the Bishop of Montreal, to the Clergy of His Diocese, on Church Vestments.
London: Francis and John Rivington, 1845.

A Journal of Visitation in a portion of the Diocese of Quebec, by the Lord Bishop of Montreal, in 1846.
London: Society for the Propagation of the Gospel, 1847.

The Journal of the Bishop of Montreal, during a Visit to the Church Missionary Society's North-West America Mission.
To which is Prefixed, by the Secretaries, an Introduction, Giving an Account of the Formation of the Mission, and Its Progress to August 1848.
London: Seeleys, 1849.

The Duty of the Christian Minister in Following Christ.
The Sermon Preached at an Ordination of Priests and Deacons, held by the Provisional Bishop of New-York, in Trinity Church, New-York, on the Third Sunday after Trinity, July 2, 1854.
New-York, D. Dana, Jr., 1854.

Sermon Preached before the First Provincial Synod of Canada, on Tuesday, the 10th September, 1861, in Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal.
From Journal of the Proceedings of the First Provincial Synod of the United Church of England and Ireland in Canada, held in the City of Montreal, from Sept. 10th to Sept. 14th inclusive, in the Year of Our Lord MDCCCLXI, with an Appendix.
Montreal: Printed by John Lovell, St. Nicholas Street, 1861, Appendix A., pages 63-73.

God's Works in the Time Past: A Sermon Preached in the Cathedral Church of Quebec, on the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Ordination of the Lord Bishop, August 2, 1862.
Quebec: Printed at the Mercury Office, 1862.

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