Project Canterbury

The Far and Furry North

By the Rev. A.C. Garrioch

Manitoba: no publisher, 1925.



Chapter 1. Courtship Complications
Chapter 2. The Journey Northward
Chapter 3. Grand Rapids to Methy Portage
Chapter 4. Methy Portage to the Liard
Chapter 5. Moose Hunting, Bear Stories, and the Winter Packet
Chapter 6. Mr. Snow's First Winter in the North
Chapter 7. A Wedding and a Honeymoon Voyage
Chapter 8. The Findlays at Dunvegan
Chapter 9. Some Happenings of the Next Fifteen Years
Chapter 10. Mr. Bernie at Fort Simpson
Chapter 11. Mr. Bernie Journeys to the Peace River
Chapter 12. Dan Hardy Comes to Life
Chapter 13. The Actors Retire and the Curtain Drops

Project Canterbury