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Arthur Sweatman


Compiled by the Right Reverend Dr. Terry Brown
Retired Bishop of Malaita, Anglican Church of Melanesia

The Consecration of the Right Reverend Arthur Sweatman, M.A. as Bishop of Toronto on Thursday, the 1st Day of May, A.D. 1879.
Toronto: No publisher, 1879. [External link]

Youths’ Clubs and Institutes.
In Working Men’s Clubs and Social Institutes, by Henry Solly.
London: Working Men’s Club and Institute Union, 1867. [External link]

A Sermon Preached in Grace Church, Brantford, on Sunday Morning, November the 10th, 1872.
Brantford, Ontario: No publisher, 1872.

A Farewell Sermon Preached in St. Paul’s Church, Woodstock, on Sunday Evening, 13th April 1879.
Woodstock, Ontario: No publisher, 1879.

Charge of the Lord Bishop of Toronto, to Synod.
Toronto: Hunter, Rose, 1879. [External link]

Instructions to the Rural Deans.
No place: No publisher, 1880.

Diocese of Toronto by Rural Deaneries.
Toronto: No publisher, 1883.

Cathedral of St. Alban the Martyr Toronto: Its Origin, Purpose and Present Position: A Pastoral from the Lord Bishop of the Diocese.
Toronto: Rowsell and Hutchinson, 1886. [External link]

History of the Church of England in Ontario, with William Clark.
In Canada: An Encyclopedia of the Country, edited by John Castell Hopkins, Vol. 2, pp. 327-335.
Toronto: Linscott, 1898. [External link]
A Sketch of the History of the Parish of Woodstock.
[Woodstock, Ontario]: [Times Job Department], 1902. [External link]

Clerical Apparel (Canon 74). Bowing in the Creed (Canon 18).
Toronto: No publisher, no date.

The Church of England in Canada; Extracts from the First Charge of His Grace the Late Archbishop Sweatman Called by Him “My Declaration of Faith” and by Evangelicals “Our Magna Carta.”
Toronto: No publisher, no date. [External link]

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