Project Canterbury

Dean Church
by D. C. Lathbury

The English Churchman's Library
London: A. R. Mowbray & Company, 1905

Transcribed by Dr. Elizabeth G. Melillo
AD 2000



Preface to the 1912 re-issue Edition

The reader will see at once that this little book could not have been written had I not been permitted to borrow freely from many larger volumes. My warmest thanks are due first of all to Miss Church, without whose consent I could not have undertaken my task; to Messrs. Macmillan for their generous permission to borrow freely from Church's Life and Letters, as well as from his published writings, especially The Oxford Movement; to Messrs. Longman for similar leave to quote from The Beginning of the Middle Ages; and to Mr Edward Bellasis and Mr Wilfrid Ward for the extracts they have allowed me to make from the Apologia pro Vita Sua, and from William George Ward and the Oxford Movement.

In this edition I have made a few corrections, and added in an appendix two letters of the Dean's to myself, one on the Royal Supremacy, the other on the Old Catholics.

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