Project Canterbury

Proper Prefaces for the Christian Year

Translated into the Eskimo Language
of the Tigara Tribe of Arctic Alaska


Upon Christmas-day, and seven days after.
Chrissimmahkmahtaah, chavaytkingmahtahloo.

BECAUSE thou didst give Jesus Christ, thine only Son,
Kahnookee aychooteegeemahgin Jesus Christ, Igneetoahlooin,

to be born as at this time for us;
ahnitkooploogoo tahbroomoonah oovugoosh peeseegiplootah;

who, by the operation of the Holy Ghost, was made very man,
sahvukningahgoon Nahgoorohum Eelitkoosin; ahngootingooktoak,

of the substance of the Virgin Mary his mother;
eeneungooktoak Ahngooteegoagaychoagoon Marygoon ahkahmeegoon;

and that without spot of sin,
choonmeegooneen tukreegaychoak peegeelikoonmik,

to make us clean from all sin.
ipkiksahteegoosh peegeelikootippaiyahmin.

Therefore with Angels, etc.
Eesahgoolikteegoon, chulee.

Upon Easter-day, and seven days after.
Eastahkmattah, Chahvaytkingmahtahloo.

BUT chiefly are we bound to praise thee
Ahglan koovayahchooteegeeneeukgipteegin

for the glorious Resurrection of thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord:
kookeenuktoahgoon mukkingneenahgoon Ignikpin Jesus Christ Ahtanipta:

for he is the very Paschal Lamb, which was offered for us,
kahnookee Niklikseechippayak Imnayak, aychootowroak oovuptingnoon,

and hath taken away the sin of the world;
ahsee peeyokloogitch peegeelikootay noonum;

who by his death hath destroyed death,
tookoonmeegoon chookroungniktah tookoon,

and by his rising to life again hath restored to us everlasting life.
ahsee ahgnitkingnikmeegoon ookootimmarah oovuptingnoon eesooeechoak inneusik.

Therefore with Angels, etc.
Eesahgoolikteegoon, chulee.

Upon Ascension-day, and seven days after.
Maiyookmun, Chahvaytkingmahtahloo.

THROUGH thy most dearly beloved Son Jesus Christ our Lord;
Nagoahgeenikropgoon Ignipgoon Jesus Christgoon Ahtanipteegoon;

who, after his most glorious Resurrection,
kingoahgoon kookeenuknigrum Mahkitkeeneegahgoon,

manifestly appeared to all his Apostles,
nahloonayakloonee Eenookmeenoon Keenikteeloonee,

and in their sight ascended up into heaven, to prepare a place for us;
maiyougahtuktoak keelukmoon, eeneelukgayukloogoo eenikrukpooish;

that where he is, thither we might also ascend, and reign with him in glory.
eelveeah mayookveegeenayoktokpooishtou, ahsee cheevooleeookahehikloogoo Kookeenuktoahgoon.

Therefore with Angels, etc.
Eesahgoolikteegoon, chulee.

Upon Whitsunday, and six days after.
EELITKOOCHEEMIK tooyookvayah ooblikgahlooneeloo ikchagrunnik.

THROUGH Jesus Christ our Lord;
Jesus Christgoon Ahtanipteegoon;

according to whose true promise, the Holy Ghost came down as at this time
nahloungahpayakhtoahteegoon neegayookrootayseegoon, Nahgooroak

from heaven,
Eelitkoosik ahtkokseemahrook keelukmin,

with a sudden great sound, as it had been a mighty wind,
tabrungnukcheeak neeputoochipayakloonee, ahnooklikpuktoahtoon,

in the likeness of fiery tongues, lighting upon the Apostles,
igneegoom ahlooktoongneeneesoon, kowrain Eeneuin,

to teach them, and to lead them to all truth;
eeleechowrikraynik chulee cheevooleeootikraynik nahlowngahroahnoon;

giving them both the gift of divers languages,
aychukloogitch eeloogahnik ahlowroahnik ookoucheenik,

and also boldness with fervent zeal constantly to preach the Gospel
chulee sangeenikmik koppeegnaypayakloogoo eenikloogoo ookahlookooploogoo

unto all nations; whereby we have been brought out of darkness and error
Jesus Ookahlootain noonahpaiyahnoon; tahktoahmin chulee keelookowahgoonmin

into the clear light and true knowledge of thee,
peeikteetahteegooish ahlahgahroahmoon kowmunmoon chulee nahlowngahroahmoon

and of thy Son Jesus Christ.
eeleeseemahtiknoon chulee Igniknoon Jesus Christmoon.

Therefore with Angels, etc.
Eesahgoolikteegoon chulee.

Upon the Feast of Trinity only, may be said,
Niglikseeneegnanee keeseeahnik Pingnahchooroi, ahngaiyootousuktook,

WHO art one God, one Lord; not one only Person,
Attoucheeroak God, ahtousik Ahtannik; ahtouseeoulgneenukgitchoak Eenook,

but three Persons in one Substance.
ahglan pingahchooroi Eenooyee Ahtouchimme.

For that which we believe of the glory of the Father,
Ookpigeerukpooish kookeenukneegnahnee Ahpum,

the same we believe of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost,
taynuttoon Ookpigeerukpooish Igneengah, chulee Nahgoorowok Eelitkoosik,

without any difference or inequality.
ahlungookloonuknee nahga ahtingeeukloogitch.

Therefore with Angels, etc.
Eesahgoolikteegoon, chulee.

Or else this may be said, the words (Holy Father) being
Eelahnee oonah ungahyoutousuktook taylukneegee (Nahgoorwak Ahpah)

retained in the introductory Address.
ittoi chevooliknee Ookahloutinnee.

For the precious death and merits of thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord,
Ahkeechooroahgoon tookooneegnahgoon chulee koovayachooteegeerukrowroak Igneegin Jesus Christ Ahtanikpooish,

and for the sending to us of the Holy Ghost, the Comforter;
chulee tooyookningnahgoon oovuptingnoon Nahgoorowak Eelitkoosik, Tootkeegoon;

who art one with thee in thy Eternal Godhead.
ahtousik eelikneetoak Eesooeechoahmee Godneeukwoah.

Therefore with Angels, etc.
Eesahgoolikteegoon, chulee.

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