Project Canterbury

All Saints' Church, Brisbane 1862-1937

By D. L. Kissick, B.A.

Brisbane: Published by All Saints' Parish, 1937.


This compilation can, of necessity, make no claim to originality--the material has been borrowed from many sources and, as far as possible, the contemporary view of crises, problems, parochial policies and Diocesan decisions has been given. To-day we may or may not agree with the course or the attitude which the parish at some particular moment followed, but it is well to remember that, at the time, such things were vitally real and a record of them is valuable in attempting to trace the development of the parish.

I have especially to thank Mr. H. J. J. Sparks, Canon D. J. Garland, O.B.E., Mr. J. H. Hornibrook, Miss E. Birkbeck, Mr. H. Brice, Miss E. Merchant, Mr. C. Mant, Mrs. W. B. Rees, Mrs. Dunstan-Caddan, Miss E. Jones, Mrs. Bancroft, Mrs. James, the Dean (the Rev. W. E. Barrett), the Revs. J. Howard-Steer, F. A. Cardew, F. M. Nightingale and F. E. Maynard, and the officials of the Public Library, Brisbane, the Public Library, Melbourne, the Parliament House Library, Brisbane, the Oxley Memorial Library, Brisbane, the Mitchell Library, Sydney, the Diocesan Registry, Brisbane, and the "Courier-Mail."

But above all I have to thank Dr. A. C. V. Melbourne, M.A., Ph.D., for implanting in me an interest in history and the Rev. R. B. Bates, M.A., for his sympathy and inspiration in this undertaking.


Project Canterbury