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A Pioneer of Papua
Being the Life of the Rev. Copland King, M.A.
One of the First Two Missionaries of the New Guinea Mission

By the Right Reverend Gilbert White, D.D.

London: SPCK, 1929.
Sydney: The Australian Board of Missions, 1929.


Translations by the Rev. Copland King into the Wedauan and Binandere languages:


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1899. Portions of the Prayer-Book, pp. 59. (Sydney.) Catechumen's Book, pp. 54. (Sydney.)

1900. Confirmation Service and Hymns. (Dogura Mission Press.) Manual for Communicants. (Dogura Mission Press.)

1901. Book of Genesis, pp. 64. (Dogura Mission Press.) Grammar and Dictionary of the Wedau Language, pp. 91. Catechism. (Dogura Mission Press.)

1902. Book of Sunday Lessons, pp. 128. (Dogura Mission Press.) Hymns and Psalms, pp. 126. (Dogura Mission Press.) Gospel of St. Matthew. (Dogura Mission Press; reprinted later by the Bible Society.)

1903. Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, pp. 215. (Dogura Mission Press.) Occasional services. (Dogura Mission Press.)

1905. Reading Book, pp. 42. (London.) Psalms, pp. 109. (Sydney.)

1907. O.T.: Joshua to 2nd Chronicles, pp. 376. (Sydney.) O.T. Lectionary, pp. 407. (London.)

1912. Hymns and Psalms, pp. 88. (Sydney.) In the later Wedauan translations King had the assistance of Canon Tomlinson, Miss Ker, Mr. Taylor, and other members of the Mission.


1901. Dictionary of the River Mamba Language. (Sydney.)

1903. First Eight Chapters of Genesis, pp. 14. (Dogura Mission Press.)

1904. Revised and more extensive Binandere Grammar and Dictionary. (Typed only; not complete at Mr. King's death.)

1906. Prayers, Psalms, and Passages of Scripture. (Sydney.)

1912. Gospel of St. Luke, pp. 74. (Sydney.)

1916. Service of Holy Communion. (Typed in Sydney.)

1917. Prayers, Psalms, Hymns, and Catechism, pp. 39. (Sydney.) Book of Common Prayer, pp. 254. (Sydney.)


Theological Terms in Native Languages, pp. 16. (Sydney.)

History of the New Guinea Mission, 1891-1901. (Sydney.)

Articles on linguistic and missionary subjects in A.B.M. Review and other missionary and scientific periodicals.

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