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Ernest Henry Burgmann


Compiled by the Right Reverend Dr. Terry Brown
Retired Bishop of Malaita, 2012

The Disturber: To Commemorate the Twenty-Six Years' Episcopacy of Ernest Henry Burgmann, Lord Bishop of Canberra and Goulburn.
Compiled by Ethnie Jeffreys and Ted Buckle.
Canberra: Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn, 1960.

E.H. Burgmann: a Tribute
By W.H.C. Eddy.
The Australian Highway: Journal of the Workers' Educational Association of New South Wales, February, 1969, pp. 12-15.

This Turbulent Priest: E.H. Burgmann during the Great Depression.
By Peter J. Hempenstall.
Australian Journal of Politics and History, Vol. 27, No. 23 (1981), pp. 330-343.

The Meddlesome Priest: a Life of Ernest Burgmann.
By Peter J. Hempenstall.
St. Leonards, NSW: Allen and Unwin, 1993.

The Burgmann Vision.
By Tom Frame.
Anglican Historical Journal, Vol. 43 (June 2007), pp. 5-8.


Factors in the Making of the Christian Religion.
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Religion in the Life of the Nation: Four Lectures.
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God in Human History.
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Whither Australia?
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The Opportunity of the Church of England.
No place: no publisher, 1933.

Justice for All: the Case for the Unemployed and the Under-employed.
Morpeth: no publisher, 1933.

God and the World of Nature.
Morpeth: St. John's College Press, no date.

The People of God: a Study on the Church, its Origin and Destiny.
Melbourne: Australian Student Christian Movement, 1935.

Charge and Presidential Address to the Second Session of the Twentieth Synod, of the Diocese of Goulburn, 20th and 21st April, 1936.
Goulburn: Diocese of Goulburn, 1936.

Charge and Presidential Address to the First Session of the Twenty-first Synod, of the Diocese of Goulburn, 22nd and 23rd November, 1937.
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The Beginning and the End of Things.
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The Charter of the Young Anglican Movement: a Short Commentary.
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For our Country, our Children, and our Common Cause: to All Men and Women of Goodwill.
Sydney: League of Christian Youth, 1940.

The Modern World's Challenge to Christianity.
Sydney: Friendship with Russia League, 1940.

What is the Gospel?
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Providence and Judgement in the Affairs of Men.
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The Regeneration of Civilization: being the Moorhouse Lectures Delivered in Melbourne at St. Paul's Cathedral, November, 1942.
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The Education of an Australian.
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Anglican Belief and Practice.
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Notes on the Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
Goulburn: Diocesan Registry, 1953.

The Christian Revolution.
Sydney: Anglican Press, 1959.

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