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Anglicanism in the Philippines

Works of Charles Henry Brent, 1862-1929

Three Good Reasons for Bishop Brent's Work among the Moros
By George Wharton Pepper.
No place: no publisher, no date.

The Cross, the Flag and the Church: A Sketch of Our Church Work in the Philippine Islands.
By Samuel S. Drury.
New York: Board of Missions of the Episcopal Church, no date.

Portions of the Book of Common Prayer, in the Bontok Igorot Dialect.
Bontok: All SS. Mission Press, 1910.

Upbuilding the Wards of the Nation: The Work of Charles H. Brent, of the Philippine Islands.
New York: Harmony Club of America, 1913.

An Open Letter to the Rt. Rev. F. R. Graves, D.D., Bishop of Shanghai and Bishop in Charge of the Missionary District of the Philippine Islands: from the Rev. John A. Staunton, Jr., Priest-in-Charge of the Mission of St. Mary the Virgin, Sagada, Philippine Islands.
Sagada: The Igorot Press, 1919.

Handbooks on the Missions of the Episcopal Church.
No. 3, Philippine Islands.
New York: National Council of the Protestant Episcopal Church. Dept. of Missions, 1923.

"Bring Your Brother with You:" The Episcopal missions in the Philippines.
By Edward G. Mullen
Hartford, Connecticut: Church Missions Publishing Company, 1943.

Correspondence and Other Papers Relating to the Petition of the Philippine Independent Church to the Protestant Episcopal Church in the U.S.A. for the Episcopal Consecration of Its Bishops.
No place: Supplement to the Diocesan Chronicle, 1947.

A Half Century in the Philippines.
By Constance White Wentzel
New York: National Council of the Protestant Episcopal Church, 1952.

Christian Missions in the American Empire: Episcopalians in Northern Luzon, the Philippines, 1902-1946
By Arun W. Jones
Frankfurt am Main and New York: Peter Lang, 2003.

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