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Handbooks on the Missions of the Episcopal Church.


New York: The National Council of the Protestant Episcopal Church, 1934.


The Rt. Rev. John McKim, D.D., LL.D.
Bishop of North Tokyo, 1893-1934

Typical avenue of trees and temple court yard.

Fujiyama, the sacred mountain

Wakanoura, a summer resort

Statue of Buddha

A Chinaware shop. The open front is typical of older shops in Japan.

Harvesting rice in Japan.

A Church harvest-time Kindergarten for farmers' children.

House of Bishops, Nippon Sei Ko Kwai, 1934.
The Japanese House of Bishops numbers eleven members: 2 Japanese, 4 American, 4 English, 1 Canadian

The Rt. Rev. Peter Yonetaro Matsui, D.D.
Bishop of Tokyo

The Rt. Rev. John Yasutaro Naide, D.D.
Bishop of Osaka.

St. John's Church, Utsunomiya.

Widely Loving Orphanage, Osaka. Mother's Cottage.

Widely Loving Orphanage, Osaka. The Older Children.

Japanese Kindergarten teachers in the Tohoku who have been trained by our missionaries.

Widely Loving Orphanage, Osaka. Kindergarten hour.

The Rt. Rev. C. S. Reifsnider, D.D., L.H.D.
Suffragan Bishop of North Tokyo

St. Andrew's Church, Tokyo. One of the churches where a truly Japanese Christianity is developing.

All Saints' Memorial Chapel, St. Paul's University, Tokyo

Entrance, St. Paul's University, Tokyo

All Saints' Church, Parish House and Rectory, Tokyo

Interior of St. Thomas' Church, Maebashi, built from an abandoned house

National Youth's Conference, St. Paul's Church, Osaka

St. Margaret's School, Tokyo, Library of High School

Dispensary, Christ Church, Senju, with Mrs. Yamaguchi

St. Margaret's School, Tokyo, Chapel, Administration, Classroom, Auditorium, Music and Art buildings

St. Margaret's School, Tokyo. First Year class of the Primary Department

St. Luke's International Medical Center, Tokyo

"Waiting for the doctor," group in clinic waiting room, St. Luke's International Medical Center, Tokyo

Public health nurse giving demonstration in nutrition, St. Luke's International Medical Center, Tokyo

St. Barnabas' Mission, Kusatsu, St. Stephen's Home for Men

Smith Memorial Chapel, Hikone

St. Barnabas' Mission for Lepers; St. Mary's Home for Women

St. Barnabas' Mission for Lepers: Boys from St. Philip's Home

A few of the 700 Kusatsu lepers, with Miss Cornwal-Legh

The Rt. Rev. Norman S. Binsted, D.D.
Bishop of Tohoku

The Rt. Rev. Shirley H. Nichols, S. T. D.
Bishop of Tokyo

The Chancel, Grace Church, Hikone

Christ Church, Nara

St. Barnabas' Hospital, Osaka

English night school, Kyoto

Entrance, St. Agnes' School, Kyoto

Holy Trinity Church, Kaya. Congregation after dedication service, 1929

Church and Parish House, Toyama

Interior, church at Toyama

General Synod of Nippon Sei Ko Kwai and Triennial of Woman's Auxiliary, Sakai, 1932

Service in Japan's first children's chapel, Christ Church, Sendai

Synod House, Sendai

Timothy Y. Negishi, President, Brotherhood of St. Andrew in Japan

Sewing class, Hirosaki Industrial School

St. Paul's Church, Morioka

First Japanese Brotherhood Leadership Training Conference

St. James' Church and Parish Hall, Tsu. The center of a successful evangelistic community campaign.


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